Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about EngageBox

I am using the Email Subscription Form. Where are the submission being stored?

EngageBox doesn't store any data in the database. EngagBox is the middle man between your visitor and the e-mail list service you're using such as Acymailing, MailChimp, GetResponse etc. This means that your contacts will be stored in these services and EngageBox is only displaying their forms through its popups. In case though you're looking for a Form Builder that can be integrated with EngageBox and can store contacts in your database have a look at Convert Forms

Does the onPageLeave trigger point work on mobile devices?

Currently it doesn't work. The entire interaction is dependent on mouse or cursor traceability. As the mouse is moving to the most top area of your browser, the event is triggered and the box shows up. Given the majority of smartphones and tablets are touch based devices, there is no mouse to track, therefore the onPageLeave is not get fired.

What if a visitor has a pop-up blocker enabled, will it still work?

EngageBox produces popups in a way which can't be blocked by the browser’s pop-up blocking feature or 3rd party extensions such as AdBlock or uBlock.

Does EngageBox use any cookies?

Yes, it sets cookies in the following two cases.

Visitor ID Cookie
A cookie with the name "nrid" is used to identify uniquely each visitor. This cookie will only be stored in the visitor's browser if any of the following requirements are met:

  • The Statistics option is enabled
  • The Limit Impressions option is enabled
  • The Viewed Another Box Assignment is enabled

Close Event Cookie
A cookie in the form "rstbox_HASH" is set every time a box is closed. Typically is used by the extension to decide if a box should stay hidden. This affects boxes that have the "After Close Stay Hidden" option enabled.

No personal information such as IP address, User Agent string or the Joomla! User ID is stored in any cookie case.

How can I install it on Joomla! 2.5 or on older versions than Joomla! 3.4?

To be able to install EngageBox on an older Joomla version such as v3.3, v3.2 or even v2.5, you'll need to use an older release of EngageBox as well. The last compatible release is v2.2.1 and can be downloaded from the Releases Section where you can access any release. Keep in mind that an active subscription for EngageBox is required to be able to download any release.

The "Hidden by cookie" indication is just a notice to inform you that the box is no longer visible to you because you've (accidentally) clicked on the box's close button and a cookie is stored on your browser (as you have set). This cookie is preventing the appearance of the box only to you. To clear your browser's cookies read this tutorial.

Is Google's tracking of interstitials going to harm my ranking?

On August 2016 Google announced that they will be able to track which pages use interstitials that block content by displaying ads or other obtrusive and irrelevant content. Read more on our blog post.

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