Common Module Issues

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  • Updated 05 Dec, 2017

Below you will find a (growing) list with common problems of modules that doesn't work properly when they are loaded within EngageBox.

BT Google Maps

Issue: Map doesn't show up
When the map's div, or it's parent, or it's parent parent (any predecessor) has display:none style, the map view won't initialize properly. You have to trigger resize event on map for it to reinitialize the map view.

Fix: We need to listen to the afterOpen box's event in order to re-initialize the map once the box has been fully opened. Place the following Javascript snippet into the box's Custom Code field (Advanced Tab).

jQuery(function($) {
	// Enter box ID here
	var boxID = 1;

	// Do not edit below
	$("#rstbox_"+boxID).bind("afterOpen", function() {
		initializeMap(config, markersCode, stylesCode, boxStyles);

Don't forget to wrap the code with the <script> element.

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