Does onPageLeave work on mobile?

  • Published in FAQs
  • Updated 25 Nov, 2016

For those unfamiliar with exit intent, or exit displays, it's a relatively new technique that lets you present a popup or offer to a website visitor who is about to leave your site.

It's all about tracking the mouse

Our plugin actually tracks the mouse movement of the visitor. As the mouse is moving to the most top area of your browser, the event is triggered. Therefore the entire interaction is dependent on mouse or cursor traceability.

Does onPageLeave work on mobiles?

No. Given the majority of smart phone traffic is touch based, exit displays (onPageLeave event) do not currently work for your mobile traffic. You can still target them with other trigger points such as onScroll or onPageLoad, but without that mouse traceability, it's currently impossible to predict when someone is leaving your site from a mobile phone.

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