I don't see my popup

  • Published in FAQs
  • Updated 31 Jan, 2018

If you don't see your popup on the page where it is supposed to appear then double check the following list:

  • Be sure it is published
  • Be sure you assigned it to the correct pages
  • Be sure you've set the correct "Access Level"
    • If set to "Registered" you need to login
    • If set to "Guest" you need to logout
  • If the Trigger Point is set to "on Scroll - % of Page Height", make sure you've scrolled the page down enough
  • If the Trigger Point is set to "on Scroll - Element", make sure the Trigger Element exists on the page
  • Be sure you are logged-in as a Super User if "Test Mode" is enabled.
  • Be sure you've set an appropriate Trigger Delay in milliseconds
  • The onPageLeave trigger point doesn't support mobile devices. Read more
  • Be sure the "Engage Box - Render" plugin is enabled on the Extensions Plugin Manager
  • Clear your cache if caching is enabled
  • If you're using a cache plugin that caches the whole page output such as Page Cache, Page Cache Extended or jSGCache try disabling it
  • If your site is on Offline Mode, make sure the Enable on Offline Mode option is enabled
  • If you are using JCH Optimize System Plugin try to disable the "Combine Javascript Files" or the "Minify Javascript" feature.
  • You might experience a JS conflict and to solve it you need to go to Engage Box Options and enable the "Load media files manually" option.
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