Update Error - Update path does not exist

  • Published in FAQs
  • Updated 11 Nov, 2016

If you tried to update one of our extensions via the Joomla Update Manager and you received a warning says Update path does not exist - Error updating COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_ then it's either your Download Key is missing or your subscription has expired.

Download Key Check

Go to Plugins Manager and search for the Novarain Framework. Make sure you've entered the correct Download Key. To find out your Download Key go to the Downloads page. Also, read more details on the How you can auto-update our extension via the Joomla Update Manager guide.

Subscription Check

Go to your Subscriptions List page and make sure you have a valid and active subscription for the extension you are trying to update.

Everything seems OK. Still can't update it.

If you still can't figure out what is going wrong, open a support ticket here.

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