The Product Content Type

Merchants can now give Google detailed product information to display rich results right on the Google Search results pages. It is an effective way to attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google. Let's see how to create a Product Snippet.

Navigate to Components > Google Structured Data > Items


You will be located in the Items Manager Screen from which you can either edit an existing item or create a new one.


Creating a new item means that you have to select the Content Item from any of your components which are supported as Integrations.


Once you click on the select button, a modal will appear which contains the Content Items for each of your components. In this modal you need to select the component to which the content item belongs and then select the content item itself.


Bare in mind that some components are integrated in a fully automatic way. This means that the Product Snippet is automatically being generated for each item and it isn't necessary for you to recreate the Product Snippet yourself.

Then, select the "Product" Content Type in order for its fields to appear below.


Finally, the "Product" Content Type has a certain set of fields that can be filled out. Let's see them one by one.


Name Description
Description Type a short description. If none is provided then the article's text will be used instead

The image option has the following 3 choices

  • Inherit : Use the article's main image.
  • Upload : Upload your own image.
  • Custom URL : Add a custom URL of an image.
SKU The product's Stock Keeping Unit if available. It is optional.
Brand Name The product's brand name. It is optional.

The rating option has the following 3 choices

  • Disabled : Do not add a rating snippet inside the Content Type.
  • Inherit : Use the article's voting data automatically, if there are any.
  • Custom : Manually enter the average rating of the article and the total amount of reviews it currently has.
Price The product's price. It is optional.
Currency The product's currency.
Condition Choose the product's condition between a set of choices as currently recognized by Google.
Availability Chooce the product's availability between a set of choices as currently recognized by Google.