The Products Snippet

Merchants can now give Google detailed product information to display rich results right on the Google Search results pages. It is an effective way to attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google.

Supported Integrations

So far the Product Snippet is supported by the following integrations.

The Product Snippet Fields

The following fields can only be used through the Joomla Content Component Integration and the K2 Component Integration.

The rest of the integrations use a fully automatic way of filling out all the necessary fields with their own data. No human intervention is needed.

  • Description: Type a short description. If none is provided then the article's text will be used instead
  • SKU: The product's Stock Keeping Unit if available. It is optional.
  • Brand Name: The product's brand name. It is optional.
  • Rating: Choose the rating you'd like to appear for your product on Google Search. You can choose between 0 and 5.
  • Reviews Quantity: Fill with the amount of reviews this product has.
  • Price: The product's price. It is optional.
  • Currency: The product's currency.
  • Condition: Choose the product's condition between a set of choices as currently recognized by Google.
  • Availability: Chooce the product's availability between a set of choices as currently recognized by Google.


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