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Saturday, 04 April 2020 03:00
Added EngageBox Gallery. A collection of beautiful readymade popup templates to help you get started in a matter of minutes. Added AdBlock Detect trigger. You can now target users who are using Ad Blockers. Added Idle trigger. You can now target users who have been inactive for a certain amount of time. Added Middle Left and Middle Right display positions. Added PHP Scripts section. Run PHP when a certain event fires. Added Actions section. Control what happens when a certain box event fires. Added Firing Frequency option to Scroll Depth, Element Visibility, Exit, Idle Triggers. Added Close Outside Viewport option to Element Visibility Trigger. Added Minimum Percent Visible option to Element Visibility trigger. You can now specify how much of the selected element must be visible on screen before the trigger fires. Added Pixel option to Scroll Depth trigger. You can now specify the value of the vertical scroll depth the visitor needs to reach to fire the trigger in both Percentage and Pixel. Added Show Inside Box and Show Outside Box options to the Close Button settings. Fixed Safari/iOS devices cookies are limited to 7 days. Fixed The box editing page does not retain the active tab on a page reload. Fixed Disabling the Velocity library in the configuration breaks the front-end. Now it fallbacks to fadeIn/fadeOut CSS based animations. Fixed The Exit trigger doesn't support touch devices. Now, the exit intent on touch devices is detected when the user scrolls up. Fixed MaxMind GeoIP database can't be updated in the TGeoIP plugin. Fixed ConvertForms\Helper not found error when administrator component is disabled The PageLeave trigger renamed to Exit. The Scroll - % of Page Height trigger renamed to Scroll Depth. The on Scroll - Element trigger renamed to Element Visibility. Cookie is now created on the server-side using PHP via an AJAX request triggered after the box is closed. The name of the cookie stored in the browser changed from rstbox_SITEHASH_BOXID to engagebox_BOXID. (Compatibility Break) Dropped front-end jQuery dependency in favor of vanilla Javascript. The Element Visibility trigger is now based on the Intersection Observer API. The front-end layout refactored and it is now using CSS Flexbox. Renamed all CSS classes starting with rstbox- to eb-. (Compatibility Break) Dropped support for Internet Explorer 11. Like it or not, it is outdated. (Compatibility Break) Removed .rstboxes div from the box layout. (Compatibility Break) Removed obsolete Disable default action option from the Trigger tab. Deprecated data-rstbox, data-rstbox-cmd and data-rstbox-command HTML attributes. Use data-ebox based attributes instead. Deprecated attaching jQuery events to a box. The trigger() method is deprecated.
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