Announcing ConvertKit and SendInBlue Integrations in Convert Forms 1.0

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Thursday, 23 March 2017

Announcing ConvertKit and SendInBlue Integrations in Convert Forms 1.0

Convert Forms has reached v1.0.0 with the addition of the ConvertKit and SendinBlue integrations! On top of that, you will find that creating dropdowns and checkboxes is a much smoother experience!

ConvertKit Integration

ConvertKit is a popular automation and email marketing tool that businesses around the world use to grow their subscriber base. With the ConvertKit Integration now you are able to seamlessly populate your account's subscribers through Convert Forms in your Joomla websites!

SendInBlue Integration

SendinBlue is also a popular email marketing solution which provides an innovative way to very easily setup and manage your campaigns. Convert Forms integrates with SendinBlue's robust and lightning fast API to collect leads and populate its campaigns.

Easier Dropdowns and Checkboxes

With the new way to create dropdowns and checkboxes inside a Convert Form, you are making sure that the result will be 100% functioning as expected and in the process you are saving even more time than before!


  • Adds ConvertKit Integration
  • Adds SendInBlue Integration
  • Refactors dropdown and checkboxes fields
  • Sets minimum required PHP version to 5.4.0
  • Updates translations
  • Fixes bug with the Hide Form option
  • Fixes CSS issue with the form border radius


Since the new way to create a dropdown or a checkbox uses a different logic, we advise that you check your previous dropdowns and checkbox to make sure that they are still working as expected.

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