Advanced Custom Fields

Enhance your Joomla with intuitive, simple and powerful custom fields
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  • Version: 0.5.0
  • Date Updated: Fri, 21 Dec 2018
  • Compatibility: J3.7, J3.8, J3.9, J4.0
  • Includes: Plugin
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Joomla Extensions - Advanced Custom Fields

Extending your Joomla Website with Custom Fields has been a dream for many and now it has become a reality with Advanced Custom Fields! Advanced Custom Fields offers incredible flexibility and profound capabilities to your Joomla Content by giving you the power of popular services like embedded Youtube videos, easy-to-use Google Maps and much, much more!

Supported Fields

YouTube Field

Create a field to easily display a YouTube video just with the video's URL or its ID. Also you can define all the parameters that are provided by YouTube such as width, height, autoplay, loop, etc.

Vimeo Field

Create a field to easily display a Vimeo video just with the video's URL or its ID. Also you can define all the parameters that are provided by Vimeo such as width, height, autoplay, loop, etc.

Progress Bar Field

Display a progressbar for a determinate or inderterminate process just with a percentage number.

Bing Maps Field

Display an interactive Bing Map simply by using latitude and longitude.

IFrame Field

Embed another document within your page.

HTML5 Video Field

Create a field to display an HTML5 video player that can play a local or a remote video (MP4, Ogg, WebM) file.

HTML5 Audio Field

Create a field to display an HTML5 Audio Player that can play a local or a remote audio (MP3, Wav, Ogg) file.

Facebook Video

Create a field to embed a Facebook Video.

Google Maps Field

Display an interactive Google Map

Daily Motion Field

Create a field to easily display a DailyMotion video just with the video's URL or its ID. Also you can define all the parameters that are provided by DailyMotion such as width, height, autoplay, mute, quality etc.

SoundCloud Field

Create a field to easily display a SoundCloud Player playing your desired track. On top of that, you get to customize the player with options like autoplay, show/hide the comments, show/hide the uploader's info and more.

True/False Field

Create a toggle field to easily choose between true or false

TimerPicker Field

Create a timepicker field to easily choose the time.

URL Field

Display an Advanced URL where you can customize the Text, Link and the Target properties of the link.

Currency Field

Display a currency code

Country Field

Display country name or country code

Module Field

Render any existing Joomla! module directly with your Content

Publishing Assignments

With Publishing Assignment you can conditionally display any custom field based on page's URL, DateTime, User Groups, Domain referrer and much more

  • Assign to Menu Items / Pages
  • Assign to Datetime
  • Assign to Countries/Continents (Coming Soon)
  • Assign to User Groups
  • Assign to devices (Mobile,Tablet,Desktop)
  • Assign to URLs
  • Assign to Domain referrer
  • Assign to Languages
  • Custom PHP assignment

General Features

  • Supports Joomla Articles, Joomla Users and all the extensions that take advantage of custom fields
  • One-Click Install
  • No coding needed
  • Open Source
  • Lightning Fast
  • Awesome Support
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This extension is regularly updated with 1 releases per month. It has a total 7 releases so far.


Friday, 21 December 2018
Implements the URL Field. You can now have a link with customized the Text, URL, Classes and more. New: You can now create a Telephone Field with input masking capabilities. Fixed: The video auto-play option in the YouTube Field is now working. Update UpdateSite to use a secure connection over https
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Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Adds Visitor Country Detection option to Country Field (Pro Only) Fixes bug in the Country field not showing the Country Name in the front-end Fixes bug in the TrueFalse Field which if enabled, removes the Default Option from all Field Types Updates translations
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Saturday, 07 July 2018
Implements the Download Button Field Implements the Bing Map Field Implements the Progress Bar Field Implements the IFrame Field Updates translations
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Monday, 13 November 2017
Fixes Class 'ACFHelper' not found in the HTML5 Video field Adds ability to target a whole menu type and child items to the Menu Item assignment. Updates translations
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Thursday, 02 November 2017
Implements ACF - Facebook Video Field Implements ACF - HTML5 Video Field Implements ACF - HTML5 Audio Field Adds translations: Italian it-IT, Portuguese pt_BR, Spanish es_ES, Turkish tr_TR Improves performance using the Novarain Framework namespace Updates language file
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Wednesday, 07 June 2017
Adds Vimeo Field Adds DailyMotion Field Adds SoundCloud Field Adds True/False Field Adds Timepicker Field Updates the YouTube Field with extra customization options
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Thursday, 04 May 2017
Initial Release
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Features & Development Roadmap

We are continually improving Advaced Custom Fields to make it an even more valuable resource for you. I take your suggestions very seriously. Here is the current roadmap of new features.

Coming Soon

  • File Upload Field
  • Lazyload YouTube Video option
  • Preview YoutTube Image option
  • OpenStreet Map Field
  • QRCode Field
  • Twitter Field
  • Flickr Field
  • Email Field

Recently Completed

  • URL Field
  • Telephone Field
  • Telephone Field Masking
  • Detect Visitor Country
  • Download Button Field
  • Bing Map Field
  • Progress Bar Field
  • IFrame Field
  • Facebook Video Field
  • HTML5 Video Field

If you have a feature that I don't have listed on my Roadmap, please let me know.