Advanced Custom Fields

Enhance your Joomla with intuitive, simple and powerful custom fields
 Published in JED
  • Version: 2.6.0
  • Date Updated: Tue, 06 Jun 2023
  • Compatibility: J3.8, J3.9, J3.10, J4.X
  • Includes: Plugin
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Joomla Extensions - Advanced Custom Fields

This extension is regularly updated with 3 releases per month. It has a total 40 releases so far.


Tuesday, 06 June 2023
Implements the Map Field allowing you to create OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and Bing Maps with unlimited markers. [PHP] Adds YooTheme Pro Dynamic Content support. [FAQ] Icon would become smaller in size when resizing the window. Fix: [File Upload] + [Gallery] Would not save fields as expected on some systems. Fix: [File Upload] + [Gallery] Couldn't use with YooTheme Pro Dynamic Content > Multiple Items Sources if Files Limit wasn't set to 0.
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Wednesday, 03 May 2023
Implements the FAQ Field. Adds YooTheme Pro support for the ACF - URL field. Fix: ACF Articles would throw a php error on the front-end in Joomla 3 under certain circumstances. Updates translations.
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Monday, 03 April 2023
Implements the Countdown Field. Implements the YooTheme Pro Dynamic Content Integration. [Gallery] Adds the Justified theme. [Gallery] Adds support for WebP images. Fix: [File Upload] Fixes issues where saving and displaying of files wasn't working correctly. Fix: [Articles] Ensure "By Status" filter always appears. Fix: [File Upload] + [Gallery] Not saving files in the correct directory when used under Users > Fields. Fix: [File Upload] + [Gallery] Fixes issue when using with Subform field and the "Repeatable" setting is disabled.
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Wednesday, 01 March 2023
Implements the Articles field. [File Upload] Adds ability to rename uploaded files [File Upload] Adds ability to upload files in custom folders [File Upload] Adds drag and drop sorting [File Upload] Each file upload can now have a Title and a Description Fix: [Gallery] Ensure the image's orientation is preserved when uploaded and resized. Fix: [Gallery] The Media Manager may not allow uploading images. Fix: [Chained Fields] May show duplicate dropdown values and would not display all dropdown values.
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Tuesday, 31 January 2023
Implements the Address Autocomplete field. Implements the Chained Fields Field. Fix: [OpenStreetMap] Missing map marker on editor. Fix: [Gallery] Joomla 4 media manager would not open when multiple galleries were enabled in separate field groups. Fix: [Gallery] Ensure the gallery is saved correctly in any component that uses custom fields. Fix: Display Conditions would not work correctly on subfolder sites. Updates translations: da-DK, pt-BR
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Monday, 21 November 2022
Fix: [OpenStreetMap] Do not rely on Joomla object to load map marker. Fix: [Module Loader] Do not include backend modules in the list. Fix: PHP Warning: "strtoupper(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated" when uploading images". Updates translations: fr-FR. de-DE
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Monday, 10 October 2022
Implements the ACF Convert Forms field. Adds the Privacy-Enhanced Mode option to YouTube Field to embed videos without cookies. Fix: All ACF fields are now supported by the Joomla 4 Subform field. Fix: Fields do not respect the user-defined placeholder. Fix: [File Upload] Download Links do not open the correct file. Fix: [Gallery] Media Manager would not open in Joomla 4.2 Fix: PHP "syntax error" thrown due to reserved word used when upgrading from 2.1 to a newer version.
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Monday, 29 August 2022
Update Site changed. Added useful notices for rating/missing download key as well as when the subscription expires/expired Fix: [Gallery] Error "Call to a member function setFieldValue() on bool" appears when editing the field on the front-end of a Joomla 4 site. Fix: [Gallery] Would not allow Media Manager images to be uploaded on the front-end of Joomla 4 sites under certain circumstances. Fix: [OpenStreetMap] Map would not load correctly.
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Monday, 25 July 2022
The minimum required PHP version is now 7.0.0. Fix: [Country] Country options are not sorted by name correctly. Fix: [File Upload] File remove button may not show up due to CSS conflict. Fix: [Google Map] Wouldn't display multiple maps on same page.
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Friday, 10 June 2022
[Gallery] Adds a cleanup function to delete orphan files older than 1 day. [Gallery] Adds the {field.item_alias} Smart Tag. [Gallery] Fix: Uploaded files are lost during saving when Cache Cleaner empties /tmp/ folder. [Gallery] Fix: Trash button doesn't delete uploaded files if they have errors. [Gallery] Fix: Uploaded files are lost during saving when form has errors. [Gallery] Fix: Custom Upload Folder is wrong when using {field.item_id} Smart Tag [Gallery] Fix: Files from the Media Library are uploaded to the wrong Gallery when page has multiple Galleries. [Gallery] Newly uploaded files should remain in temp folder until the form has been submitted successfully. [Gallery] Changes temporary folder from /tmp to /media/acfgallery/tmp to prevent conflicts.
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