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[Gallery] Adds support for Image Watermarking. [File Upload] Adds support for Image Resizing. [Map] Limit the map markers using the Maximum Markers setting. [Gallery] The uploaded images could be larger in size than original file size. [Gallery] Resize Method other than "crop" wasn't taken into consideration. [Gallery] Couldn't upload image from Joomla 4 Media Manager when used in Subform field. [Articles] Ordering wasn't taken into consideration on the front-end. Fix: Undefined property: Joomla\CMS\Object\CMSObject::$type when viewing a contact. Fix: Compatibility issue with Joomla 5. Removes deprecated fields Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Bing Maps in favor of ACF Map. Removes deprecated fields YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook Video and HTML5Video in favor of ACF Video.
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[Gallery] Implements the Slideshow style. [Articles] Fixes "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted" in some circumstances. [Gallery] Improves the thumbnails generation on Justified layout. [Video] Self-hosted video provider settings: Autoplay, Controls, Loop, and Mute are now available in the Free version. [Address Autocomplete] would not display the address map correctly. Fix: Undefined property: Joomla\CMS\Object\CMSObject::$type when viewing a contact. Fix: ACF Options > Widget Layout wouldn't display the field name correctly.
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Implements the Video Field allowing you to create YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, or even self-hosted videos. [Countdown] Improves the previewer in field settings. Fix: [Articles] Cannot access offset of type string on string in PHP 8. Fix: [PHP] Would not execute the PHP code. Fix: [Map] Would not work correctly with YooTheme Pro Dynamic Content.
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Implements "ACF - Options" tab for Custom CSS and Custom Layout Overrides settings on custom fields. [Gallery] Fixes the Justified layout not rendering the images under certain circumstances. Fix: PHP 8.1 deprecation notices. Updates translations
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Implements the Map Field allowing you to create OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and Bing Maps with unlimited markers. [PHP] Adds YooTheme Pro Dynamic Content support. [FAQ] Icon would become smaller in size when resizing the window. Fix: [File Upload] + [Gallery] Would not save fields as expected on some systems. Fix: [File Upload] + [Gallery] Couldn't use with YooTheme Pro Dynamic Content > Multiple Items Sources if Files Limit wasn't set to 0.
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Implements the FAQ Field. Adds YooTheme Pro support for the ACF - URL field. Fix: ACF Articles would throw a php error on the front-end in Joomla 3 under certain circumstances. Updates translations.
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Implements the Countdown Field. Implements the YooTheme Pro Dynamic Content Integration. [Gallery] Adds the Justified theme. [Gallery] Adds support for WebP images. Fix: [File Upload] Fixes issues where saving and displaying of files wasn't working correctly. Fix: [Articles] Ensure "By Status" filter always appears. Fix: [File Upload] + [Gallery] Not saving files in the correct directory when used under Users > Fields. Fix: [File Upload] + [Gallery] Fixes issue when using with Subform field and the "Repeatable" setting is disabled.
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Implements the Articles field. [File Upload] Adds ability to rename uploaded files [File Upload] Adds ability to upload files in custom folders [File Upload] Adds drag and drop sorting [File Upload] Each file upload can now have a Title and a Description Fix: [Gallery] Ensure the image's orientation is preserved when uploaded and resized. Fix: [Gallery] The Media Manager may not allow uploading images. Fix: [Chained Fields] May show duplicate dropdown values and would not display all dropdown values.
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Implements the Address Autocomplete field. Implements the Chained Fields Field. Fix: [OpenStreetMap] Missing map marker on editor. Fix: [Gallery] Joomla 4 media manager would not open when multiple galleries were enabled in separate field groups. Fix: [Gallery] Ensure the gallery is saved correctly in any component that uses custom fields. Fix: Display Conditions would not work correctly on subfolder sites. Updates translations: da-DK, pt-BR
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Fix: [OpenStreetMap] Do not rely on Joomla object to load map marker. Fix: [Module Loader] Do not include backend modules in the list. Fix: PHP Warning: "strtoupper(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated" when uploading images". Updates translations: fr-FR. de-DE
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Implements the ACF Convert Forms field. Adds the Privacy-Enhanced Mode option to YouTube Field to embed videos without cookies. Fix: All ACF fields are now supported by the Joomla 4 Subform field. Fix: Fields do not respect the user-defined placeholder. Fix: [File Upload] Download Links do not open the correct file. Fix: [Gallery] Media Manager would not open in Joomla 4.2 Fix: PHP "syntax error" thrown due to reserved word used when upgrading from 2.1 to a newer version.
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Update Site changed. Added useful notices for rating/missing download key as well as when the subscription expires/expired Fix: [Gallery] Error "Call to a member function setFieldValue() on bool" appears when editing the field on the front-end of a Joomla 4 site. Fix: [Gallery] Would not allow Media Manager images to be uploaded on the front-end of Joomla 4 sites under certain circumstances. Fix: [OpenStreetMap] Map would not load correctly.
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The minimum required PHP version is now 7.0.0. Fix: [Country] Country options are not sorted by name correctly. Fix: [File Upload] File remove button may not show up due to CSS conflict. Fix: [Google Map] Wouldn't display multiple maps on same page.
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[Gallery] Adds a cleanup function to delete orphan files older than 1 day. [Gallery] Adds the {field.item_alias} Smart Tag. [Gallery] Fix: Uploaded files are lost during saving when Cache Cleaner empties /tmp/ folder. [Gallery] Fix: Trash button doesn't delete uploaded files if they have errors. [Gallery] Fix: Uploaded files are lost during saving when form has errors. [Gallery] Fix: Custom Upload Folder is wrong when using {field.item_id} Smart Tag [Gallery] Fix: Files from the Media Library are uploaded to the wrong Gallery when page has multiple Galleries. [Gallery] Newly uploaded files should remain in temp folder until the form has been submitted successfully. [Gallery] Changes temporary folder from /tmp to /media/acfgallery/tmp to prevent conflicts.
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[Gallery] Adds Smart Tags {field.field_id} and {field.item_id} to retrieve the Field ID and Item ID. [Gallery] When creating/editing a gallery, the page would not load correctly under certain circumstances. [Gallery] When deleting gallery items when a custom upload folder is set, images were not deleted. [Gallery] Gallery would not save files correctly when used within Content > Categories. [Telephone] Inputmask would not work on fields within Joomla Registration Form. [Telephone] Updates the Input masking library. [Vimeo] Fixes an issue where Unlisted videos that required URL parameters would not load properly. Adds the Italian translation for the ACF Gallery field. Updates translations: sv-SE.
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Implements the ACF Gallery Field. Introduces the new Display Conditions tab. Implements the Day of Week, Month and Time Conditions. Implements the Country, City, Region and Continent Geolocation Conditions. Implements the User Access Level Condition. Implements the Joomla Content View Condition. Implements the Browser and Operating System Conditions. Implements the IP Address and Cookie Conditions. Fix: PHP 8.1 - version_compare(): Argument #3 ($operator) must be a valid comparison operator Fix: Administrator UI is broken in some languages due to syntax errors in translation files. Fix: PHP 5.6 would throw an error when installing ACF 1.3.0 or newer. [Gallery] Validation issue when the field was set as required. [PayPal] Adds a Toggle to set whether to display a Checkout Payment button when a value is set or not. [Download Button] Fixes issue where the selected download file name wasn't visible. [OpenStreetMap] Joomla 4 would not display an error message when field was set as required. [PHP Field] It's now possible to access article's data using the $item object. Eg: return $item->title; [URL] Adds support for the rel="noopener" attribute.
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[YouTube] Apply the start time set in the YouTube video URL. [File Upload] Adds support for drag-and-drop re-ordering of uploaded files. [OpenStreetMap] Fix: PHP error appearing when changing article category. [File Upload] Fix minor CSS issues in Joomla 4. [PayPal] Fix: Allow "0" or empty item price in order for users to be able to enter a custom item price on PayPal when using the "checkout" payment type. PHP 7.3 warnings appearing when creating/editing specific ACF fields Updates ACF - QR Code field to use https to serve the QR Code image.
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Official stable version for Joomla 4 [Timepicker] Fix: PHP error appearing if invalid timepicker value was given.
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[YouTube] Fix: The Controls option is not taken into account. [YouTube] Fix: Video player interface now uses the site's language. [File Upload] Fix: Cannot upload files with non latin characters. [File Upload] Fix: Non latin filenames are not displayed correctly in the file uploader. [File Upload] Fix: Cannot upload large files. Upload timeouts after 30s. [File Upload] Upload Folder now supports Smart Tags to create dynamic folders. [File Upload] Increases security by adding MIME type checking. (Fileinfo PHP extension is required). [File Upload] Now stores the relative path in the database instead of just the filename. [File Upload] Show a confirmation message before removing uploaded file. [File Upload] Dropzone updated to v5.9.2 and it's now loaded over the JSDELIVR CDN. [YouTube] Removes the deprecated Show Info option. Display a warning in the backend if the extension is more than 120 days old. Adds Swedish (sv-SE) translation.
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Fix: The layout value of the Module Loader field is not properly prepared. Fix: Timepicker field validates time incorrectly during save. Fix: ACF - File Upload Field wasn't saving multiple files correctly under certain circumstances. Allows ACF - Country Field language strings to be overriden.
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