Advanced Custom Fields

Enhance your Joomla with intuitive, simple and powerful custom fields
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  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Date Updated: Mon, 06 Sep 2021
  • Compatibility: J3.8, J3.9, J4.0
  • Includes: Plugin
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Joomla Extensions - Advanced Custom Fields

This extension is regularly updated with 2 releases per month. It has a total 27 releases so far.


Monday, 06 September 2021
Official stable version for Joomla 4 [Timepicker] Fix: PHP error appearing if invalid timepicker value was given.
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Wednesday, 26 May 2021
[YouTube] Fix: The Controls option is not taken into account. [YouTube] Fix: Video player interface now uses the site's language. [File Upload] Fix: Cannot upload files with non latin characters. [File Upload] Fix: Non latin filenames are not displayed correctly in the file uploader. [File Upload] Fix: Cannot upload large files. Upload timeouts after 30s. [File Upload] Upload Folder now supports Smart Tags to create dynamic folders. [File Upload] Increases security by adding MIME type checking. (Fileinfo PHP extension is required). [File Upload] Now stores the relative path in the database instead of just the filename. [File Upload] Show a confirmation message before removing uploaded file. [File Upload] Dropzone updated to v5.9.2 and it's now loaded over the JSDELIVR CDN. [YouTube] Removes the deprecated Show Info option. Display a warning in the backend if the extension is more than 120 days old. Adds Swedish (sv-SE) translation.
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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
Fix: The layout value of the Module Loader field is not properly prepared. Fix: Timepicker field validates time incorrectly during save. Fix: ACF - File Upload Field wasn't saving multiple files correctly under certain circumstances. Allows ACF - Country Field language strings to be overriden.
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Tuesday, 16 February 2021
Joomla 4.0 Beta 7 compatibility. Fix: ACF - File Upload Field displaying (optional) on the field label despite it being set as required. Fix: Some fields weren't respecting the user group permissions. Fix: The layout value of the PHP and Country fields is not properly prepared. Changes the minimum required PHP version to 5.6.0.
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Thursday, 10 December 2020
Implements the Joomla! Content Page Types Publishing Assignment. Fix: ACF OSM Field would appear twice on profile edit page. Fix: ACF Google Map Field wouldn't load in some cases. Updates translations
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Wednesday, 09 September 2020
Joomla 4.0 Beta 3 compatibility. Fix: Wrong file size is shown for uploaded files in the File Upload field. Fix: The class and target HTML properties do not have the right spacing between one another. Updates Dropzone script to 5.7.0
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Thursday, 04 June 2020
Implements the PayPal Field. Adds Marker Image, Marker Tooltip and Map Scale options to OpenStreetMap field Improve label descriptions in the File Upload Field settings. Updated translations.
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Saturday, 16 May 2020
Adds "Default Map Coordinates" option to OpenStreetMap Field. Adds option to File Upload Field to show download links for each uploaded file. Adds missing TGeoIP plugin to Pro installation package. Fix: Duplicate HTML ID property when fields are displayed in the Category or Blog view. Fix: "Object doesn't support property or method forEach" Javascript error in the File Upload Field in IE.
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Friday, 14 February 2020
Fix: Prevent "Fatal error: Class 'ACF_Field' not found" PHP error caused when the Advanced Custom Fields System Plugin is uninstalled. Fix: Class 'Registry' not found error in the the File Upload Field. Makes the extension eligible to be auto-updated with
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Tuesday, 07 January 2020
Implements the OpenStreetMap Field. Fix Extension Update Notification to be displayed in the backend only Fix Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '?', expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) on PHP 5.6 Fix "File is missing" error in the File Upload Field when 2 identical file names are uploaded on the same folder. File upload Field: Files now get copy_X suffix if the filename already exists.
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