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  • Version: 3.1.3
  • Date Updated: 14 Jan 2017
  • Compatibility: J3.4, J3.5, J3.6
  • Includes: Plugin, Component
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Joomla Extensions - Engage Box
Joomla Extensions - Engage Box

Best Joomla Popup and Leads Generation Extension

Converts your website visitors into subscribers and customers with awesome popups like this or this. Here are the features that make Engage Box the most powerful customer acquisition & lead generation platform for Joomla! marketers.

Multiple Box Types

You can create multiple types of boxes such as lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins, sidebar forms, and more.

Exit-Intent Technology

It detects user behavior and prompts them with a targeted popup at the exact moment they are about to leave.

Page & Device Level Targeting

Show targeted messages on specific pages/urls or mobiles and tables or even to certain user groups to build a hyper targeted and segmented email list.

Control Exactly When Box Triggers

Timing is everything when it comes to popups. Trigger when your visitors are half-way down your page or when they click on a link or even when the page is loaded.

 

Mobile Optimized & Responsive

Whether you want to increase your mobile app downloads or display targeted messages only to mobile or tablet audience, Engage Box is 100% mobile optimized and responsive.

Load Any Joomla Module

Load your existing AcyMailing or MailChimp module to collect more email subscriptions or to display a module containing K2 or Content related articles to increase session duration.

Position Everywhere

Some of us are right-handed, some left-handed. Engage Box doesn’t discriminate. You can configure your box to appear from any corner of your website.

60+ Transition Effects

With eye-catching animations effects you can play the role of a play director more than ever! Pop your boxes to your user's screens almost in any way imaginable!

Google Analytics Integration

Get the stats that matter and take action. See which boxes are performing the best and improve accordingly within your Google Analytics dashboard

Highly Customizable

Total control of the appearance such as colos, size, background, border, paddings, overlay and more so you can completely match it to the design of your site.

Lightning Fast

Built with performance in mind. It will never slow down your site.

Open Source

Fully open source and the code is NOT encrypted in any way. No use of Zend Optimizer or ionCube. You are free to change the code to your likings.

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Compatible with all Joomla Modules

Popup any existing Joomla! module. No Limits!

J2 Store
Kunena Forum

All Powerful Features

  • Create multiple boxes per page
  • 7 Box Types
    • Popup any existing Joomla module
    • Email Subscription Responsive Form
    • Custom text popup
    • Social Media
      • Facebook Page Like
      • Facebook Post
      • Twitter Follow Button
    • IFrame URL
  • It's Responsive! That means it works perfectly on tablets and smartphones
  • Device detection for mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Cookie based popup per minutes, hours, days or session
  • 60+ transition effects
  • 14 Publishing Assignments
    • Assign to Menu Items / Pages
    • Assign to Joomla! Articles & Categories
    • Assign to Datetime range
    • Assign to User Groups
    • Assign to devices (Mobile,Tablet,Desktop)
    • Assign to URLs
    • Assign to Domain referrer
    • Assign to Languages
    • Assign to User time on Site
    • 3rd party extension assignments
      • Assign to Convert Forms
      • Assign to Akeeba Subscriptions
      • Assign to AcyMailing
    • Custom PHP assignment
  • 8 user behavior tracking events
    • on Scroll - % of Page Height
    • on Scroll - Element
    • on Page Ready
    • on Page Load
    • on Page Leave (Exit Intent Technology)
    • on Hover Element
    • on Location Hash
    • On Click/On Demand
  • 7 Trigger Positions
    • Top: Left, Center, Right
    • Bottom: Left, Center, Right
    • Center
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Delay animation in miliseconds
  • Fully Customizable Look
    • Width/Height
    • Background Color & Image
    • Text Color
    • Border Color
    • Padding
    • Box Shadow
    • Background Overlay Color/Opacity
  • Auto-Close timer
  • Test-mode for administrators
  • Prepare popup's content with the Joomla Content Plugins
  • Import/Export Boxes
  • Right-to-Left support
  • Custom CSS Styling
  • Plugin Layout Overrides
  • Compatible with Joomla 3
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 till version 2.2.1
Slideup Opt-in Box Email Subscription Form - MailChimp
Feature Signup Box Email Subscription Form - MailChimp
Smart Bar - Text Custom Text - Using Custom HTML
Smart Bar - Opt-in Email Subscription Form - MailChimp
Related Articles Scroll Box Load Existing Module - K2 Content
Transparent Splash Screen Custom Message - Using PNG Image
Fullscreen Message Custom Message - Using Advanced HTML
Side Navigation Menu Load Existing Module - Menu Module
Age Verification Modal Custom Message - Using RSTBox API
Login Form Load Existing Module - User Module
Facebook Like Page Social Media - Facebook Like Page
Facebook Post Embed Social Media - Facebook Post
Twitter Follow Button Social Media - Twitter Follow Button
Youtube Video IFrame - YouTube Embed URL
Twitter Timeline Custom Message - Twitter Widget
Google Map IFrame URL - Google Maps URL
External Website IFrame - URL
Scroll To Top Icon Custom Text - jQuery
K2 Article IFrame - K2 Article URL
Cookie Bar Custom Message - Using RSTBox API
Content Sidebar Load Existing Module - K2 Content Module
Sales Banner Custom Message - Using Image
Event-Driven Box Custom Message - Using API
3.1.3 (14 Jan 2017)
  • Adds Offline mode assignment
  • Fixes bug with the Box Rendering which was causing some page elements to disappear.
  • Fixes bug with the Cookie Assignment. Boxes were being loaded even if the cookie was present.
  • Refactores local assignments
3.1.2 (5 Jan 2017)
  • Adds Convert Forms assignment
  • Adds Joomla! Articles & Categories assignment
  • Adds Checkbox field to Email Subscription Form
  • Improves device detection
  • Fixes bug with content plugins preparation
3.1.1 (11 Nov 2016)
  • Fixes critical issue with box close button
3.1 (08 Nov 2016)
  • Implements Engage Box editor button
  • Fixes issue with the background-image URL
  • Fixes issue with the Test Mode option - Wrong permissions check
  • Upgrades Menu Items publishing assignment
  • Upgrades Group Levels publishing assignment
  • Updates animation library (VelocityJS)
  • Renames extension media files to enagebox.js and engagebox.css
3.0.3 (22 Oct 2016)
  • Adds a 'Remove Cookie' button in the backend
  • Fixes issue with slow rendering of boxes on some systems
  • Fixes issue with third-party assignments check
  • Backend UI improvements
3.0.2 (08 Oct 2016)
  • Fixes critical bug with random_bytes() method (Affecting Joomla version < 3.5)
  • Replaces deprecated Joomla Framework methods
  • Backend UI changes
3.0.1 (28 Sep 2016)
  • Implements Limit Impressions feature
  • Implements Statistics
  • Adds versioning to all media files to force browser cache refresh
  • Fixes CSS issue on Google Chrome with the will-change property
  • Fixes PHP bug with the missing Filesystem library
  • Fixes fatal error caused by the component uninstallation
  • Fixes bug with the Google Analytics Tracker
  • Backend UX improvements
3.0.0 (06 Sep 2016)
  • Rebranding to Engage Box
  • Adds Persian (Iran) translation
  • Adds Global Footer Text field to the configuration page
  • Updates translations (nl_NL, hu_HU, de_DE, it_IT, fr_FR, ru_RU, el_GR)
  • Changes minimum upgrade version to v2.5
  • Fixes issue with tabs on the backend
2.7.2 (29 Jul 2016)
  • Adds more options to content alignment: Top, Middle, Bottom, Left, Center, Right
  • Adds option to disable the jQuery library on the frontend
  • Updates color pickers to use RGB(a) format
  • Merges Background Overlay and Background Overlay Opacity fields
  • Renames Vertical Align Content field to Align Content
  • Updates translations: Dutch (nl-NL), Hungardian (hu-HU)
  • Minor backend improvements
2.7.1 (19 Jul 2016)
  • Adds Trash button in the administrator
  • Fixes issue with the YT Framework causing some JS conflicts
  • Fixes issue with the layout rendering
  • Fixes issues with the Search Filters in the administrator
  • Minor administrator UX improvements
  • Updates translations: Hungarian (hu-HU)
2.7 (05 Jul 2016)
  • Adds onClick trigger point
  • Enables editor buttons
  • Adds HTML Attributes option to the IFrame box type
  • Moves hardcoded text to language file
  • Updates backend dashboard
  • Fixes a bug with T3 Framework
  • Makes the 'Prepare Content' option enabled by default
  • Updates translations: German (de-DE), Greek (el-GR), French (fr-FR)
  • Updates translations: Hungarian (hu-HU), Italian (it-IT), Dutch (nl-NL), Russian (ru-RU)
  • Fixes issue with the custom style tag not being validated by W3C
2.6.10 (07 Jun 2016)
  • Fixes bug with the background image not being rendered correctly
  • Fixes bug with the Custom CSS field
  • Increases animation performance using the will-change CSS property
  • Adds translation: Hungarian hu-HU (13%)
2.6.9 (23 May 2016)
  • Adds option to prevent page from scrolling while the box is opened
  • Adds orientation option (Vertical/Horizontal) to the native subscription form
  • Adds Dutch (nl-NL) translation
  • Updates translations: English (en-EN), French (fr-FR) and German (de-DE)
  • Fixes bug with the publishing assignments
  • Fixes minor CSS bugs
2.6.8 (09 May 2016)
  • Fixes bug when format request parameter is overridden
  • Adds notice to backend if the Page Cache is enabled
2.6.7 (01 May 2016)
  • Fixes critical bug with the jQuery plugin
2.6.6 (28 Apr 2016)
  • Adds new options to configuration page: Enable RTL, Load CSS, Load Velocity
  • Renames "Text Direction" option to "Enable RTL"
  • Improves Device assignment
  • Velocity engine is now being loaded as a separate file
  • Fixes bug with the Domain Referrer assignment
  • Fixes issue with wrong execution of the plugin when the format parameter is overriden.
2.6.5 (12 Apr 2016)
  • Adds support for Right-to-left text direction
  • Adds background image option
  • Refactores system plugin
  • Improves document type check. Component is only allowed to run on HTML document type.
  • User Groups Level assignment is now ignored when TestMode is enabled.
  • Updates translations: en-En
  • Removes "Closing Tag" option from configuration page
2.6.1 (28 Mar 2016)
  • Fixes issue with pagination and search filters on backend
  • Backend improvements
  • Adds notice to dashboard if Download Key is missing
  • Improves mobile and tablet detection
  • Updates translations: fr-FR (54%), ru-RU (53%)
  • Fixes some PHP errors on Joomla 3.5
2.6.0 (01 Mar 2016)
  • Adds AcyMailing List assignment
  • Adds Akeeba Subscription Levels assignment
  • Adds Domain Referrer assignment
  • Adds publishing assignment matching method (All/Any)
  • Adds French translation: (fr-FR) 30% completed
  • Adds a dashboard on backend
  • Updated translations: en-EN, el-GR
  • Fixes a few issues with Javascript and CSS on Joomla 3.5 backend
2.5.3 (16 Feb 2016)
  • Added Greek and Russian translations: (ru-RU, el-GR)
  • Added Import/Export capabilities
  • Updated translations: en-EN
  • Exit Intent jQuery plugin refactored
2.5.2 (01 Feb 2016)
  • Added option to close opened boxes before showing
  • Fixed broken German language file
  • Fixed unexpected behavior when triggering 2 different boxes with delay
  • Renamed data-rstbox-command attribute to data-rstbox-cmd
  • Updated translations: en-EN, de-DE
2.5.1 (26 Jan 2016)
  • Added German (de-DE) translation by Gerald Kleinebreil
  • Added 2 new options for the onPageLeave trigger point (Exit Intent): Delay & Minimum Time
  • Fixed a bug with IFrame and Social Media box types
  • Fixed a bug with Auto-Close not properly storing the expiration cookie
  • Fixed a bug with onScroll Element missing field
2.5 (12 Jan 2016)
  • Added New Box Type: Facebook Page Like
  • Added New Box Type: Facebook Post
  • Added New Box Type: Twitter Follow Button
  • Added New Box Type: IFrame
  • Added form target option on the Email Subscription form type
  • Fixed a bug with RTL websites
  • Improved vertical align functionality
  • Updated translations: en-EN
  • Minor CSS bugs
2.4 (29 Dec 2015)
  • Added a freetext field for module type
  • Added new shadow and border styles
  • Added border radius field
  • Box shadow field has now predefined styles
  • Updated device detection library
  • Updated translations: en-EN
  • Minor CSS fixes
2.3.1 (23 Nov 2015)
  • Fixed issue with the User Time on Site publishing assignment not being loaded correctly
  • Fixed issue with wrong execution of the plugin when the output is overridden. A new option is available on extension's configuration page.
  • Fixed CSS bug with the height of input fields in newsletter form
  • Updated English translations
2.3 (17 Nov 2015)
  • Dropped support for Joomla 2.5
  • Removed "Additional Style Attributes" field
  • Integrated Novarain Framework System Plugin
  • API: Added new data attribute rstbox-prevent (See API Documentation)
  • API: Added Click support to any HTML element
  • Added the ability to Auto-Update via Joomla Update Manager (Need to provide the Download Key to Novarain Framework plugin)
  • Fixed issue: User Groups Publishing Assignment empty value
  • Fixed issue: beforeOpen/beforeClose events not being triggered correctly
  • Fixed issue: jQuery plugin Cookie Check function
  • Improved handling of CSS Animations
  • Recoded the installer
  • API: Attribute data-rstbox within the box is now optional
  • Moved frontend media files to folder /media/
  • Made minimum requirement Joomla version 3.4
  • Made minimum requirement PHP version 5.3.13
  • Removed compatibility for Joomla 3 versions under 3.3.0
2.2.1 (13 October 2015)
  • Fixed issue with box display on XML document type
  • Fixed issue with auto-hide on scroll up
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Updated the mobile detection library to accommodate recent changes
  • Renamed open state class from "visible" to "rstbox_visible"
  • Updated translations: en-EN
2.2 (09 September 2015)
  • Added copy function option to backend
  • Added note field
  • Added datetime publishing assignment
  • Fixed a bug concerning the content preparation using content plugins
  • Improved style and usability of publishing assignments
  • Moved the Prepare-Content option to component's configuration
  • Updated the mobile detection library to accommodate recent changes
  • Updated close button to use × HTML entity rather than the letter X
  • Removed unwanted table columns
2.1 (23 August 2015)
  • Fixed a critical bug concerning the assigned usergroups
  • Added option to exclude certain user groups
  • Added option to exclude certain menu items
  • Added option to include No-item-ids
2.0.1 (11 August 2015)
  • Fixed - Custom Code field does not prepare content properly
2.0 (31 July 2015)
  • Added 66 new transition effects (Compatibility back to IE8 and Android 2.3)
  • Added URL,Time-On-Site and Custom PHP publishing assignments
  • Added Integration with Google Analytics
  • Added Auto-Close timer
  • Added option to select different transition effect for display and hide state
  • Added option to disable the close button
  • Added option to vertical center the contents
  • Added search and filter tools (J3 Backend)
  • Added a help button with the extension's documentation (Backend)
  • Updated jQuery plugin namespace to prevent conflicts
  • Updated the animation duration field to accept only numbers in milliseconds
  • Updated Italian and English translations
1.6.1 (02 July 2015)
  • Minor code changes for the new Joomla version 3.4.2
  • Added option to auto-close the e-mail subscription box after submitting it
  • Added Italian language it-IT (Not completed)
  • Updated translations: en-EN
1.6.0 (27 June 2015)
  • Added new trigger point - On Element Hover
  • Added new trigger point - On Demand
  • Added new trigger point - On Page Ready
  • Added new trigger point - by Location Hash (Named anchor tag)
  • Added animation duration option
  • jQuery plugin is now initialized in a much earlier time, without waiting for the whole website to be fully loaded
  • Updated the mobile detection library to accommodate recent changes.
  • Updated translations: en-EN
1.5.1 (11 June 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with the popup's max height. Added max-height:100%.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the appearance of duplicate popups
1.5.0 (18 May 2015)
  • Added option for z-index
  • Added new options for the duration of cookie expiration in seconds, minutes, hours, days, session, forever, never
  • Minor CSS Fixes
  • Updated translations: en-EN
  • Updated backend's design
1.4.3 (28 April 2015)
  • Fixed a js bug caused by jQuery Easing library
  • Added option to set the closing HTML tag which the System Plugin uses to prepend the box's template (Only for advanced users)
  • Improved detection of Windows Mobiles and Tablets
  • Improved front-end stylesheet
1.4.2 (02 April 2015)
  • Fixed a bug - Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect
  • Added Language Publishing Assignment
1.4.1 (27 Mar 2015)
  • Fixed a bug with the component's helper file
  • Fixed a bug for Joomla version 3.3.6 - When a radio button group changes its state, the "change" trigger is not called.
1.4 (26 Mar 2015)
  • Added device detection for mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Added the option to prepare a popup's content with the Joomla Content Plugins
  • Fixed a bug which caused the existing modules CSS and JS files not to load
  • Fixed an issue with the popup's content overflow
  • Improved module selection on Back-end
  • Improved box rendering speed
  • Improved the popup's trigger position calculation
  • Tab "Type" merged with tab "General" on back-end
  • Updated translations: en-EN
  • Minor CSS Fixes
1.3.2 (18/02/2015)
  • New: Added Option for Background Overlay
  • New: Added debug option for debugging RSTBox jQuery plugin via browser's console
  • New: Field for custom code (HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP with Sourcerer plugin)
  • New: Added Class Suffixes option
  • Fixed: RSTBox jQuery plugin bugs
1.3.1 (05/01/2015)
  • New: "Assign to all pages" feature
  • New: On UserPageLeave new event (Experimental Feature)
  • New: Custom CSS feature (Inline CSS for each popup)
  • Fixed: Added noConflict to jQuery Plugin
  • Fixed: Disable RSTBox Render plugin if page format is not HTML
  • Fixed: Minor CSS Fixes
1.3 (01/12/2014)
  • Added: Show Popup only to certain User Groups
  • Added: HTML Editor to Custom HTML Box type
  • Added: Option to force-load media files inside component's layout
  • Added: Box Shadow & Custom CSS Styling
  • Added: Trigger on Click functionality using HTML5 Data attributes
  • Fixed: Extension's media files were loading before jQuery framework
  • Fixed: Not loading extension's media files on some Joomla systems
  • Fixed: Error on delete boxes on Joomla 2.5
  • Improved: RSTBox jQuery Plugin
1.2.1 (10/11/2014)
  • Bug Fixed: No layout load on some Joomla installations
  • Minor HTML & CSS Fixes
1.2 (12/10/2014)
  • New Feature: Trigger Delay
  • Plugin improvements
  • Language file improvements
1.1 (03/10/2014)
  • Added new box type for loading any existing module by id
  • Added new box param for padding
  • Minor HTML & CSS Fixes

Features & Development Roadmap

I am continually improving Engage Box to make it an even more valuable resource for you. I take your suggestions very seriously. Here is the current roadmap of new features.

Coming Soon

  • Box Gallery
  • Close button customization
  • Trigger positions: Center Left, Center Right
  • Recurring Datetime assignment
  • Geolocation assignment
  • Returning vs New visitor assignment
  • Box Statistics
  • Pre-defined variables
  • Yes / No Box
  • A/B split tests

Recently Completed

  • Content Article Assignment
  • Content Categories Assignment
  • Editor Button
  • Max impressions
  • Advanced Content Positioning
  • Transparent Background
  • onClick Trigger Point
  • Prevent page from scrolling
  • Domain Referrer assignment
  • Import/Export capabilities

If you have a feature that I don't have listed on my Roadmap, please let me know.

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The entire functionality behind Responsive Scroll Triggered Box is based on a jQuery plugin built from scratch.

This plugin gives you the ability to manipulate any box by calling specific functions such as open or close. Also you can use even more specific events to listen on, such as beforeOpen, afterOpen, beforeClose and afterClose.

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