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Below you can find the latest releases of EngageBox
Fix: PHP 8 warnings. Fix: Very tall popup with margin bottom exceeds the parent boundaries. Fix: Prevent Page Scrolling option causes the page to scroll to the top when the popup appears. Fix: Spanish translation would break the popup editor.
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Added Conditions for VirtueMart & HikaShop: Purchased Product, Last Purchased Date, Total Spend. Added Conditions for VirtueMart & HikaShop: Current Product Price, Current Product Stock, Category. Implements the Convert Forms - Form Condition. Fix: Convert Forms - Campaign wouldn't show the popup as expected. Fix: ARIA dialog should have an accessible name. Fix: Templates Library items wouldn't appear correctly on Safari under certain circumstances.
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Fix: Table #__rstbox has the wrong type or attributes for column 'position' with varchar(30). Fix: PHP error that'd appear when editing a popup caused by the media field not accepting null value in some certain circumstances. Fix: Error Code: syntax error, unexpected '=>' (T_DOUBLE_ARROW), expecting ',' or ')'.
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All Design settings can now be configured on a per-device (desktop, tablet, mobile) basis. Moved the Popup Position setting to the Design tab. Fix: The geolocation library may conflict with other extensions resulting in a fatal error.
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Adds 13 Scroll To Top popup templates.
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Fix: On Click popups may not get triggered under come circumstances. Fix: Deprecated: md5(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated.
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Introduces the EngageBox Free version. Implements the Homepage Condition. Popup may be delayed to show up if triggered by a floating button. The On Click trigger does not work with dynamicaly injected (AJAX) elements. Removes the deprecated legacy script. Removes the "Enable on Output Override" obsolete configuration option. Removes the "Show Color" obsolete configuration option.
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Adds 10 External Link Popup Templates popup templates. Fix: Popups may cause a "502 Bad Gateway" error on PHP 8.1.10+. Updates translations
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Imlements the Floating Button trigger. Adds 10 Terms & Conditions popup templates. Fix: Day of Week and Month conditions would not respect the selected timezone. Fix: On Joomla 3, PHP Error "Cannot declare class ContentModelArticle" when using the {article.KEY} Smart Tag in specific scenarios. Fix: Double "Copy of" would appear when duplicating a popup. Updates translations: it-IT
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Implements the New/Returning Visitor Condition. Implements the {article} shortcode. - Load a Joomla article via a shortcode. Adds ability to access the trigger element on External Link Click trigger. Fix: Display Conditions fail to load sites stored in a subfolder. To prevent confusion, the extension now displays warnings instead of errors in the browser console only when Debug is on. Updates the Greek translation (el-GR)
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Fix: Popup Library not allowing to Insert templates under certain circumstances. Fix: {ebExpr} shortcodes stopped working. Fix: Toolbar buttons in the popups list may not be clickable.
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Redesigned Popup Library and introduced 70+ brand new popup templates. Added 13 Sales popup templates. Added 15 Summer Sales popup templates. Added 12 Age Verification popup templates. Added 15 Reduce Card Abandonment popup templates. Added 15 Cookie Law popup templates. Added 5 AdBlock popup templates. Added 5 display conditions for Virtuemart and HikaShop (Cart Contains Products, Cart Contains X Products, Cart Value, Product, Category). Added an option for blurring the background overlay. Implements the EngageBox Countdown Timer shortcode. Fix: Do not trigger Content Plugins if the page has no popups on the page. Fix: PHP "syntax error" thrown due to reserved word used when upgrading from 5.0.1 to a newer version. Fix: On Joomla 4, a box may not be duplicated if its title exceeds 50 characters. Fix: Display Conditions would not load under certain circumstances. Video and audio embeds are now automatically paused after closing the popup. Improves OnClick Trigger error handling. The New Version Update notice will always appear now in the backend unless closed. Added the Greek translation (el-GR)
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Update Site changed. Implements the External Link Click trigger. Added useful notices for rating/missing download key as well as when the subscription expires/expired Improved geolocation, update and outdated extension notifications. Updates translations.
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Adds support for Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics Universal Code will be shutting down July 1, 2023. Adds support for Geolocation Smart Tags: {geo.country}, {geo.countrycode}, {geo.city}, {geo.region}, {geo.location}. Adds ability to hide a popup via the query string using the ?engagebox_hide=ID parameter. Fix: The animation of the Background Overlay may not be smooth when the popup is about to close. Fix: PHP 8.1 - explode(): Passing null to parameter #2 ($string) of type string is deprecated. The minimum required PHP version is now 7.0.0.
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Fix: The toolbar icons in the Template Library modal is missing in Joomla 4. Fix: The Cookie Condition doesn't work when using the negative operators (Not start with, Not end with e.t.c). Fix: The Day and Month Conditions doesn't work when non-english languages are used on the front-end. Fix: Display Conditions doesn't save conditions correctly under certain circumstances. Improve UX when changing the type of box in the backend using Joomla's native item reload. Improve UX by adding copy to clipboard ability in the Smart Tags popup.
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Fix: Background Overlay may not re-appear if the popup is triggered on click. Fix: Some iOS devices not respecting Prevent Page Scrolling. Fix: Bug in the Display Conditions may result in lost conditions on save. Fix: PHP 8.1 - version_compare(): Argument #3 ($operator) must be a valid comparison operator
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Introduces the new Display Conditions tab Implements the User Access Level Condition Implements the Day of Week and Month Conditions Implements the City & Region Geolocation Conditions Implements the Joomla Content View Condition Fix: Shortcode editor button doesn't work on Joomla 4. Fix: The popup editing page do not retain last active tab on page reload. Fix: Could not click user dropdown menu links in EngageBox > List. Fix: Transifex link under EngageBox Dashboard > "Help with translations" section. Fix: System Messages Templates do not show up on Joomla 4. The Select Module dropdown in the Existing Module box type now lists front-end modules only. Makes the Event Category and Event Label options in the Google Analytics Tracker configurable. You can now track custom events in your Google Analytics using boxinstance.GATrack.track('my_event'); Updates translations: fr_FR, fa_IR, pt_PT, it_IT, pt_BR, cs_CZ, hu_HU, el_GR, nl_NL, ca_ES, pl_PL, es_ES, tr_TR
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Fix: The Update Download Key button is broken in Joomla 4. Fix: PHP 8 warning: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported. Fix: Some translations are broken due to syntax errors in their language files. Updates translations.
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Official stable version for Joomla 4 Fix: Close button is displayed in the center of the Email Subscription Form popup incorrectly. Improved AdBlock detection trigger to support uBlock Origin.
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Fix: Prevent multiple popups with the same ID from being initialized. Improved AdBlock detection trigger.
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