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Using the Conditional Content Shortcode in EngageBox

Published in EngageBox
Updated 07 Feb, 2024

EngageBox provides an IF shortcode that allows you to perform conditional logic within the popup’s content based on certain conditions.

The syntax is the following:

{if condition1 = value1 AND condition2 = value2}
    content here
    alternative content here


You will need EngageBox Pro 6.2.0+ to use the conditional content shortcode.

Where Can I Use It?

The shortcode is versatile and can be employed almost anywhere you can write text within the EngageBox popup builder. It seamlessly integrates into key areas, including:

  • Content
  • Floating Button Message
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Code

How to use the shortcode

To delve deeper into the details of the shortcode syntax and explore the various comparison operators, build-in conditions, and functions, visit Using the Conditional Content Shortcode in Tassos Extensions.