Contributing Translations

Thank you for your interest to help out with the translations of extensions into your language. Having our extensions speak many languages it's important to our business and that's why we decided to launch our translation program.

How to contribute to translations

All translations are performed online using Transifex, it is used by our translators for easier collaboration. You will be spending most of your time on Transifex, as it will be your tool for translating our language files and submitting your translations to us.

Complimentary Translator License

We value your contributions and you'll definitely be rewarded for your hard work.

As a translator for, you will receive a complimentary use of the translated product for as long as you contribute to the translations. We encourage you to constantly submit your contributions if you would like to continuously receive complimentary product access. Upon completing any translation works on Transifex, each complimentary license given will have 3-month download access, product updates and technical support for 1 domain.

We are seeking for dedicated translators who are willing to volunteer in long term. If you can't maintain your translation anymore, we have to cancel your subscription.

Where do I sign up?

If you are keen to contribute your language expertise as a translator for our Joomla extensions, we would be more than happy to accept you! Below you can find the steps you will need to follow:

You are required to create a free account on Transifex at

Join the team at for translation of our Joomla extensions.

Get in touch with us and mention which language you would like to translate. You will be requested to provide your Transifex and username for us to provide translators access on Transifex itself.

Where are you language files in Transifex?

Below you can find the getting started links for each of our extensions.

Convert Forms
Google Structured Data
Advanced Custom Fields
MailChimp Auto-Subscribe

Notice: All extensions shared language strings with the Novarain Framework Project which must be also translated in order to have a complete translation.


At the moment these languages do have already a contributor:

Language Contributor Extension
German (de-DE) Dima Yakovlev All
Russian (ru-RU) Dima Yakovlev All
Ukrainian (UK-uk) Dima Yakovlev All