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Convert Forms 2.4.0 drops jQuery as a front-end dependency and introduces Field Calculations

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Tuesday, 27 August 2019

I have recently completed a milestone where I was able to drop jQuery as a dependency of the Convert Forms frontend scripts. This marks the end of a gradual, months-long transition of increasingly decoupling from jQuery. This new release also introduces a new shinny feature called Field Calculations. An amazingly powerful math engine for your forms which enables you to create estimation forms, calculating forms, cost calculators and many more.

Removed frontend jQuery dependency

When the first version of Convert Forms came out on 27th Dec 2016, its front-end scripts were heavily based on jQuery. Why? Because with jQuery it was really simple to manipulate the DOM, define animations, prevent cross-browser compatibility issues and make AJAX requests easily. Most importantly of all, the features built with jQuery would generally work in all browsers. This allowed me to prototype rapidly and get new features out the door without having to adjust code specifically for each web browser.

Over the years, Convert Forms grew into an extension loved and used by hundreds of Joomla websites worldwide. One of the things this growth made me constantly lookout was the technical debt which sometimes grows around dependencies that once provided value, but whose value dropped over time. Having in mind the rapid evolution of supported web standards in modern browsers, it was time to take responsibility for the size and the quality of the code served to the browser.

A year ago, the mission of re-writing all frontend Javascript code from my beloved jQuery to vanilla JS started. Now, with the v2.4.0 release published, there is not a single line of code referencing jQuery (or any other framework) anymore. Scripts are now using browser API directly resulting in a performance boost.

Mission accomplished.

PS: EngageBox is the next extension that’s going to drop jQuery dependency also.

Say Hello to Field Calculations

Do you ever want to add cost calculation functionality on your Joomla website? Do you run an e-commerce business? Do you create quotes for potential customers? Perhaps you offer price comparisons on your website. Maybe you have other form calculation needs.

If any of the above apply to you, you need a tool that takes care of all of this.

With Convert Forms Field Calculations, you can create simple quotes, price estimation forms, calculating forms, cost calculators and more. The best of all? It does not require any coding skills!

Solve math problems without the hard work

You can use most of the common math operators like + (Add), - (Subtract), / (Divide), * (Multiply), % (Remainder), unary operators like abs(), log(), sin() round() and pre-defined functions such as min(), max(), random(), pow() and more.

It comes with a Visual Calculation Builder that can help you create calculations really fast and with just a few clicks. You don’t need to memorize formula syntax or constantly switching between your form editor and the documentation.

What you can do with Field Calculations

Calculated Fields can be used for creating both single and complex calculations such as:

  • General calculators
  • Ideal weight calculators
  • Calorie calculators
  • Hotel Booking quotes
  • Rent a car estimation quotes
  • Price estimation quotes for appointments and services
  • Loan / Mortgage calculators
  • Finance budget estimation
  • Health & fitness calculators
  • Real Estate calculator

To view Calculation Form Demos, visit the Convert Forms Demos page.

Powerful features

Here's what makes Convert Forms Calculations feature a powerful tool for your forms.

  • Easy and visual calculator interface.
  • Use hidden fields, text fields, number, drop-down, checkbox or radio buttons.
  • Supports math operators like +, -, * or /.
  • Supports advanced math functions.
  • Use conditional logic in calculations.
  • Manage multiple calculations in a form.
  • Hide calculated fields.
  • Use nested calculations.
  • Store calculations in the database.
  • Send calculated values via e-mail.

To learn how you can start using calculations in your forms, visit the Field Calculations guide.

Convert Forms 2.4.0 Changelog

  • Introduces Field Calculations.
  • Adds Form Impressions tracking to the Google Analytics Tracker (Using IntersectionObserver).
  • Updates Active Campaign Addon to use Active Campaign API v3.
  • Log API requests to framework's log file when Joomla! Debug is enabled.
  • Fix Call to undefined function mb_strpos() PHP error.
  • Fix a minor CSS issue with Dropdown field.
  • Fix a bug with the Pass Submission Data option not including multi-based fields such as radio and checkboxes.
  • Removed jQuery dependency from the front-end.
  • Rewritten all frontend scripts from jQuery to vanilla JS.
  • Offers an option to disable Joomla! CSRF Token check.
  • Improve CSRF Form Token detection
  • Form submit URL switched over to index.php?option=com_convertforms endpoint URL.
  • Updates Inputmask script to v5.0.0
  • Updates Flatpickr script to v4.6.1

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