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MailChimp Auto-Subscribe 4.0 released

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Last updated on May 14th 2024
MailChimp Auto-Subscribe 4.0 released

It was time for MailChimp Auto-Subscribe, my very first commercial extension for Joomla, to receive it's very much needed attention.

It has been re-written from the ground-up, adhering to the latest Joomla standards and MailChimp's latest API capabilities.

Pass all of a Joomla User's Data to MailChimp

This new functionality is called "Data Map" and practically let's you assign every available data which belongs to a Joomla User to your MailChimp Merge Tags.


  • Implements Data Map which can help you pass unlimited data to MailChimp Merge Tags
  • Adds support for Custom Fields
  • Refactors plugin
  • Sets minimum Joomla required version to 3.6.0
  • Sets minimum PHP required version to 5.4.0
  • Joomla 3.8 compatibility check
  • Updates translations
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