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What’s new in Responsive Scroll Triggered Box 2.3

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

This update fixes a few bugs, improves some core functionality, but most importantly, it introduces our extension framework system - Welcome to the Age of Novarain.


+ Added

# Fixed

  • Fixed issue: User Groups Publishing Assignment empty value
  • Fixed issue: beforeOpen/beforeClose events not being triggered correctly
  • Fixed issue: jQuery plugin Cookie Check function

^ Changed

  • Recoded the installer
  • API: Attribute data-rstbox within the box is now optional
  • Moved frontend media files to /media/ folder
  • Made minimum requirement Joomla! version 3.4
  • Made minimum requirement PHP version 5.3.13
  • Removed compatibility for Joomla! 3 versions under 3.3.0

- Removed

  • Dropped support for Joomla! 2.5
  • Removed the "Additional Style Attributes" field

Introducing the Novarain Framework

The Novarain Framework is a Joomla! system plugin that is installed along with the Responsive Scroll Triggered Box extension and would be part of every Novarain future extension.

This plugin contains all the common functions and language strings that our extensions utilize.

The benefits:

  • Improved code quality - it ends the need to repeat the same code across our extensions
  • Better and faster customer support
  • Improved Auto-Updates: it allows you to update all of our extensions via Joomla! Update Manager using your Download Key.

Note: Starting with this update, RSTBox and others extensions will require this plugin to be installed and published. All new extensions will not function at all without the Novarain Framework.

New Installer Script

We're now including a script installer for all new and future extensions. The installer is a Joomla! System Plugin within each extension zip. It's function is to ensure that all sub-packages of the extension are installed (System plugins, Components, Modules).

The script installer also guarantees that the Novarain Framework plugin gets updated and properly installed. After a successful installation, it uninstalls itself.

Auto-Update via Joomla! Update Manager

Now you can use the Joomla! Update Manager to execute one-click updates. Note: PAID extensions require that you properly enter a Download Key within the Novarain Framework plugin.

If you could spare a minute, I really really would appreciate your review of EngageBox over at the Joomla! Extension Directory: JED Review

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