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Getting started

Updated 15 Feb, 2020

Here is a Getting Started tutorial for the MailChimp Auto-Subscribe extension


  • Login to Joomla! back-end
  • Go to Extension -> Plugin manager
  • Search for the "MailChimp Auto-Subscribe" plugin and click to edit it


  • Set the status to Enabled
  • Enter the MailChimp's API Key and List Unique ID


  • Optionally set the appropriate settings under the Advanced Tab


How to Create a MailChimp API Key

  • Login to your MailChimp account
  • Go to Account -> Extras -> API Keys
  • Click on the Create A Key button if you don't have already created an API Key.
  • Copy the API Key and paste it to the extension's API Key field.

A typicall MailChimp API Key looks like: b2a476a53c84dd3d9fd886f542e81756-us5

Read the MailChimp's official tutorial on How to Find or Generate your API Key .

Find Your List ID

  • From to the MailChimp's top menu go to Audience
  • Click on the Audience's title you want to use
  • Go to Manage Audience -> Settings
  • Scroll down until you find the text field named Unique id for audience X
  • Copy the value and paste it to the extension's List unique id field.

Read the MailChimp's official tutorial on how to Find your List ID .

A typicall MailChimp List ID looks like: ba6fae5a17