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How to Upgrade to the Bundle Plan

Published in Extensions
Updated 12 Sep, 2023

Have you purchased an individual extension subscription or more than one extension expiring and would like to upgrade to the Bundle Plan? It's possible, and you can do it yourself in less than a minute!

Why Upgrade to Bundle

  • It gives you access to the Pro version of all our Pro Joomla! Extensions (and future extensions)
  • It comes with an unlimited site license
  • It gives you access to 1-year Updates
  • It comes with a 40% renewal discount
  • It saves you money, time, and energy by managing just one subscription

Upgrade to Bundle

To upgrade to the Bundle Plan, log into your account and go to the My Subscriptions page. Click on the 3-dot icon next to the subscription you'd like to upgrade there and click on the Upgrade to Bundle option, as shown in the picture below.

upgrade to bundle

You will be redirected to the checkout page to purchase the Bundle Plan.

You won't lose the money you've already paid

When you upgrade to the Bundle Plan, you only pay the prorated difference between what you've already paid in all active individual extension subscriptions and the new plan's cost for the remaining time in your billing cycle. For instance, if you have an active Convert Forms and EngageBox subscription, the remaining time of both subscriptions will be converted to a discount and applied on the checkout, which is displayed as an Unutilized Amount.

upgrade to bundle

The Bundle Plan lasts for one year and comes with unlimited site licenses. After the upgrade, you don't need to change your Download Key.