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Convert Forms 4.2.1

Released on: Friday, 11 August 2023 14:36
Maturity: Stable

Release Notes

Adds Decimal Separator option to Calculation Fields. Refactors the export submissions process in Joomla 4. Fix: [Joomla 3] Phone Number Country Selector not being editable when editing a submission. Fix: Required Phone field is detected as empty on Joomla 3. Fix: If you can access the Submissions page, you can now export submissions. Fix: Phone Field may break submissions export. Fix: Field Calculations do not detect the value of Rating Fields. Fix: List fields may become unusable if no valid choices are set. Fix: The geolocation library may conflict with other extensions resulting in a fatal error. Fix: MailChimp app may throw PHP Notice: Undefined index: interests_replace. Fix: Couldn't save the form when a Country/Currency field was present in the form. MailChimp app now returns a response object readable by next tasks. Fix: Webhooks addon now considers all 2xx status codes as successful. JSON API: Reduced default result limit to 100 submissions.

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Compatibility: Joomla 3.8+, 4.x, 5.x
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