EngageBox 5.1.0

Released on: Wednesday, 08 December 2021 12:53
Maturity: Stable

Release Notes

Introduces the new Display Conditions tab Implements the User Access Level Condition Implements the Day of Week and Month Conditions Implements the City & Region Geolocation Conditions Implements the Joomla Content View Condition Fix: Shortcode editor button doesn't work on Joomla 4. Fix: The popup editing page do not retain last active tab on page reload. Fix: Could not click user dropdown menu links in EngageBox > List. Fix: Transifex link under EngageBox Dashboard > "Help with translations" section. Fix: System Messages Templates do not show up on Joomla 4. The Select Module dropdown in the Existing Module box type now lists front-end modules only. Makes the Event Category and Event Label options in the Google Analytics Tracker configurable. You can now track custom events in your Google Analytics using boxinstance.GATrack.track('my_event'); Updates translations: fr_FR, fa_IR, pt_PT, it_IT, pt_BR, cs_CZ, hu_HU, el_GR, nl_NL, ca_ES, pl_PL, es_ES, tr_TR
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