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EngageBox 3.3.2 released

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Thursday, 15 June 2017

EngageBox 3.3.2 released

This version packs quite a number of fixes for issues that have been reported by our dear users.

It is highly recommended that you update your installations with this latest release so as to keep having a smooth experience with EngageBox.


  • Fixes bug with the Submit Button on the Emailform Box Type
  • Fixes CSS bug with the Page Prevent Scrolling option
  • Fixes issue with the GeoIP plugin database not being updated when the PHP memory_limit is too low < 32MB
  • Fixes Javascript Syntax error (Unterminated string literal) with the IFrame Box Type
  • Fixes PHP bug which was causing the box editing page to return a 500 error page (Affects PHP < v5.5)
  • Fixes bug with the Impression Logger not working with the PageSlide-enabled boxes
  • Updates the Yes/No Box Type with a new option to prevent Box Closing on redirection
  • Updates translations
  • Updates Velocity library to 1.5.0
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