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Google Structured Data 3.0.2 released

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Thursday, 31 August 2017

Google Structured Data 3.0.2 released

This release packs quite a lot of fixes, additions and new features which have been requested quite a lot. You are now able to fix any errors caused by faulty microdata and you are also able to use the newest Fact Check Content Type in case you have content which checks the claims of other websites and possibly corrects them.

Automatic Removal of Faulty Microdata

The most occuring problem with Joomla and Google's Testing Tool is the errors and warnings caused by the default and incomplete microdata included in Joomla Articles. GSD v3.0.1 now comes with an option to automatically fix those errors for you without having to install any other third party extension.

The Fact Check Content Type

If you have content in your Joomla website that reviews a claim made by others, you can now use the Fact Check Content Type to instruct Google of this special importance. This Content Type enables Google Search results to show a summarized version of your fact check when your page appears in search results for that claim.

More option additions and fixes

This release also comes with new additions which add to customizability and quite a number of fixes which have been reported since the last release.


  • Implements the Fact Check Content Type (Pro only)
  • Adds options to remove faulty microdata generated by Joomla itself and 3rd party extensions (Pro only)
  • Adds option to prepare the content with the Joomla Content Plugins
  • Adds option for the description property characters limit
  • Fixes critical issue with the migrator on Joomla 3.6.0
  • Fixes PHP notice in the K2 integration when the Rating is disabled
  • Fixes issue with the Items list showing wrong results under some circumstances. (State conflict)
  • Fixes bug with the K2 front-end editing page (Leads to 500 error)
  • Fixes active tab state in the configuration page
  • Joomla 3.8 compatibility check
  • K2 v2.8.0 integration compatibility check
  • Updates missing property validFrom in the Events Content Type
  • Minor CSS improvements in the backend
  • Updates translations
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