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2024 March Product Updates

Tassos Marinos Tassos Marinos
Last updated on May 14th 2024
2024 March Product Updates

Building on the momentum from February's update, we're excited to unveil content creation and SEO enhancements this month! Advanced Custom Fields boasts a range of user-friendly improvements, while the Google Structured Data extension offers native Joomla 5 compatibility and a powerful integration with RSEvents!Pro. Dive deeper and discover how these updates can empower your Joomla website!

Advanced Custom Fields

This month's Advanced Custom Fields update delivers a range of improvements designed to enhance your user experience and empower you to create content more efficiently.

Smoother Uploads with the Gallery Field

Previously, to add a photo gallery to a Joomla article or a user using the Gallery Field, you were required to save the respective article or user beforehand to upload gallery items. With this recent update, we've eradicated this unnecessary step. Now, you can seamlessly add, edit, and arrange a photo gallery, even within an unsaved item.

Note: This enhancement has not been implemented in the Gallery Module, which is currently available in Smile Pack. We are actively seeking a solution to incorporate this improvement.

Clearer Selection in the Module Loader Field

Say goodbye to guesswork when choosing modules! The ACF Module Loader field now displays the ID alongside the title of each module in the dropdown list. This makes it easier to identify and select the exact module you need, especially when dealing with modules that share similar names.

Fixed Display Conditions for User Component

We've addressed an issue where display conditions weren't working correctly with custom fields in the Joomla User Component. Now, fields displayed only under specific criteria (e.g., mobile users) will function as expected on the User Profile Page.

Phone Field Country Code Selector

Introducing a global touch to the Telephone Field! The new country code selector option provides a dropdown list of countries. Selecting a country automatically adds its corresponding code to the phone number. Additionally, an option for automatic visitor country detection eliminates the need for manual selection.

Added JFilters Support

We've addressed an issue where ACF custom field filters displayed cryptic codes instead of user-friendly labels within JFilters. Now, filters generated from single-value ACF fields (like the Country field) will display the actual labels (e.g., "Greece" instead of "GR"). This improvement enhances the user experience for content creators and visitors searching your website.

To read more, visit How Advanced Custom Fields integrates with JFilters.

Google Structured Data

Exciting news for Joomla 5 users and event creators! The Google Structured Data extension has received a significant update, offering improved compatibility and powerful new features to help your website stand out in search results.

Joomla 5 Native Compatibility

Following the January release of our Joomla 5 native EngageBox extension, we're thrilled to announce that the Google Structured Data extension is now fully compatible with Joomla 5 without requiring the Backwards Compatibility Plugin. This means seamless integration and a smoother user experience for those using the latest Joomla version.

We're committed to making all our Joomla extensions fully Joomla 5 native, and the Advanced Custom Fields extension is next in line with an expected date by the end of April!

Integration with RSEvents!Pro

Do you use the popular RSEvents!Pro extension to manage your events on Joomla? We've got you covered! This month's update introduces a powerful integration with RSEvents!Pro. Now, you can easily leverage the Google Structured Data extension to markup your event pages with the specific Event structured data. This increases your chances of appearing in event-rich search results, attracting more attendees, and boosting your event's visibility.

With a total of 26 integrations, Google Structured Data empowers you to effectively communicate a wide range of content types to search engines, maximizing your website's potential for organic traffic.

To learn more details, visit How to add Structured Data to RSEvents!Pro

Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

We're constantly working to ensure our extensions deliver optimal performance and a positive user experience. This month's update addresses minor bugs and introduces exciting news for Smile Pack!

  • Smile Pack: This month's update addresses an issue with the Accordion Module where third-party shortcodes and Smart Tags weren't being parsed correctly. We're also excited to announce that even more powerful features are on the horizon for Smile Pack! Stay tuned as we develop the ability to render any widget using shortcodes, offering even greater flexibility in your website design.
  • Convert Forms: For those using our contact form extension, Convert Forms with AcyMailing, we've fixed a PHP 8.3-related issue that could cause submission errors. This ensures seamless integration and reliable form submissions.
  • MailChimp Auto-Subscribe: A minor bug in the MailChimp Auto-Subscribe backend has been squashed! This fix prevents a missing jQuery issue that could break the plugin editing page.

Bundle Plan Price Update

As announced in our February Product Updates article, a slight adjustment to the Bundle Plan pricing will be implemented to ensure we can continue providing exceptional value and ongoing development for all our products, including the exciting new Smile Pack extension.

Effective May 1st, 2024, the Bundle Plan price will increase to €179 from €159. However, the impact on your renewal cost will be minimal. With the existing 40% renewal discount, the price increase translates to only €12, roughly the cost of 3 cups of coffee in most places.

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