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The new Responsive Scroll Triggered Box 1.4 is here!

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Thursday, 26 March 2015

The new Responsive Scroll Triggered Box 1.4 is here!


The time has come to move towards an even more mobile-focused version. The new Responsive Scroll Triggered Box 1.4 is here!

Most requested additions in this version

More viewports, more power

Your requests for more control over what to show on certain viewports, specifically for the mobile and tablet viewports, have been heard and in this version you'll find that you can separate your business logic for desktop users and mobile/tablet users!

Joomla Content Prepare is now available

Also, for all of you who use various content plugins, such as email-cloaking plugins, in your article managers now you'll be able to use the same functionality in your RST Boxes too! This functionality is known as Content Prepare and is supported by Joomla!.

What else is new?

Improved module selection on Back-end

Usability is key for any functionality's success. So in Responsive Scroll Triggered Box 1.4 you'll be able to select your desired module to load even more easier.

Improved box rendering speed

Speed, speed, speed! Do I need to say more?

Improved calculation for the popup's trigger position

This is a side-improvement from the faster rendering speed. It is crucial that your RST Boxes to load exactly at the right time and place.

Other minor changes and bugfixes

  • Don't search for the tab "Type" anymore as it is know merged with the "General" tab to de-clutter the UI a bit.
  • Better translations for the English language.
  • Minor CSS fixes which were reported.
  • Bugfix: All existing modules CSS and JS will now load perfectly fine as it was reported otherwise on rare occassions.
  • Bugfix: No content overflow will occur anymore as it was also reported on rare occassions.

What's to come?

Stay tuned for the next version to be able to integrate your Google Analytics account! Also, use even more eye-catching animation effects! Last but not least, for ultimate Joomla! control, you'll be able to set even more Publishing Assignments Rules.

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