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WebHotelier Booking Form module for Joomla

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Wednesday, 02 March 2016

WebHotelier Booking Form module for Joomla

The internet has revolutionized personal travel, as it has done with travel's associated hassles, including sightseeing and hotel reservation. With a majority of people hooking hotels online before even arriving at the city, WebHotelier is one of the premier hotel booking engines in use by mainstream travel sites on the internet. It’s especially optimized for conversion, making the entire ordeal of customer acquisition extremely painless.

Why do you need it

WebHotelier Booking Form is a custom Joomla extension designed specifically to handle hotel booking requests that are to be parsed through WebHotelier. Though WebHotelier already provides its own client and code to embed its information in third party websites, this module is an improvement over that on multiple counts. The WebHotelier Booking Form module is immensely customizable and supports responsive design on Joomla sites, making it suitable for work on multiple forms of client devices with no issues whatsoever.

Usable and Flexible

This Joomla module offers the traditional entries like date of Check-in and check-out, number of adults and of children, the number of rooms required and the booking code. WebHotelier Booking Form also accounts for custom text associated with the form, provides in built calendar and date picker in date fields, an automatic language detector for easy translation of data entered to weed out unpreparedness.

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Because the module renders a conventional form, it is extremely user friendly and is fully compatible with all modern browsers. WebHotelier Booking Form module can be implemented in both horizontal and vertical formats and has a variety of styles that can be implemented very easily. Being a quality Joomla extension, it is very light on resources and is solidly built through and through.

1-Click installation

The WebHotelier Booking Form module offers one click installation and does not require any prerequisite knowledge in coding or web development to implement.

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