Google Structured Data

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  • Version: 5.0.2
  • Date Updated: Mon, 10 Jan 2022
  • Compatibility: J3.8, J3.9, J4.0
  • Includes: Plugin, Component
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Joomla Extensions - Google Structured Data

This extension is regularly updated with 6 releases per month. It has a total 73 releases so far.


Monday, 10 January 2022
Adds support for the Event Booking's GSD Venue Mapping option. Fix: "Missing field Author url" warning in the Article schema type. Fix: [Joomla 4] Remove metadata from images. Fix: Ensure the user set under the Author property exists. Fix: EventBooking would throw an error "Class "JString" not found" on Joomla 4. Fix: Styling issue with configuration tabs in Joomla 4. Change: Set the productID property in the Product schema type to use the MPN value.
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Monday, 04 October 2021
Fix: Query string not properly escaped may result in a SQL error in the Virtuemart addon. Fix: The Update Download Key button is broken in Joomla 4. Fix: PHP notices on Joomla 4. Fix: Some translations are broken due to syntax errors in their language files.
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Monday, 06 September 2021
Official stable version for Joomla 4
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Monday, 19 July 2021
Fix: Joomla 4 RC3 compatibility issues. Fix: Schema may include unreplaced Smart Tags resulting in invalid structured data. Fix: The Sales Start Date mapping option in Event Booking addon may return an invalid date. Added onGSDSchemaBeforeGenerate() event to help developers manipulate the schema with PHP.
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Tuesday, 11 May 2021
Fix: Prevent PHP warning when article is linked to a non-existing user. Fix: Video schema is generated even if no video is provided. Some structured data still merged by the Google Testing Tools due to a duplicate @id property.
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Tuesday, 23 March 2021
Adds the embedURL property to the Video content type. Adds support for the SEO Image option in the Quix addon. The Local Business structured data is awkwardly merged by the Google Testing Tools due to a duplicate @id property. Fix: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$xreference affecting Joomla 4. Fix: Prevent broken structured data JSON by converting special characters to HTML entities. The Video URL property in the Video content type renamed to Content URL and it's no longer required.
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Thursday, 25 February 2021
Adds the Event Online URL option to Event schema. You can now markup events happening online! Adds Performer URL option to the Event Content type Adds Organizer Type, Name and URL options to the Event Content Type. Fix: The Local Business Opening Hours option loses the selected hours on save. Fix: Joomla 4.0 Beta 7 compatibility. Makes 'Key Reference' and 'External Reference' available as mapping options in the Joomla Content addon. Improves Smart Tags performance.
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Friday, 22 January 2021
Fix: Joomla 4.0 Beta 6 compatibility. Fix: Uninstallation throws "Class GSD\Helper not found" when uninstalling the component first. The JSON-LD script now displays an error message if we don't have a valid JSON object. Changes the minimum required PHP version to 5.6.0.
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Tuesday, 29 December 2020
Adds extra PostalAddress properties Fix: FastEdit makes an unnecessary redirection to load the form in the popup. The StartDate, Country and Address properties in the Course type are no longer required. The structured data test form in the backend now uses the new Rich Results Test tool.
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Tuesday, 08 December 2020
New: Implements the Balbooa Gridbox addon. Fix: Prevent "Undefined property: stdClass::$images" PHP warning on Virtuemart. Fix: SobiPro structured data could throw a PHP error if the Gallery field was used. Fix: Prevent the description property in the Service schema type from being truncated. Updates translation: pl-PL
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