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How to add Person Schema to Joomla

Updated 03 May, 2023

The Person Schema can be used to organize and present information about individuals in a standardized format, making it easier for search engines to identify and extract key details. This can include information such as the person's name, job title, and contact information, as well as additional details like education, awards, and publications. By using the Person Schema, websites can provide users with more accurate and comprehensive information about the people behind them.

How to markup Joomla Pages with the Person Schema

From the main menu choose Components -> Google Structured Data. Click on Items from the left sidebar and then on the New button to create a new Structured Data Item.

How to markup Joomla Pages with the Person Schema

On the next page, you will need to prepare the Structured Data Item. Enter a Title (it can be anything) and select the Person Content Type from the respective dropdown.

The Person Structured Data

Τhe Integration option may vary depending on the component you want to markup at that time. View the Supported Integrations.

Next, click to save the Structured Data Item. Once the page reloads, a new section called Person appears below where you can map each property with page data.

The Person Schema JSON-LD Properites

To read more details on how the mapping works, visit the respective section in the How to Add Structured Data to Pages guide.

Person Schema Properties

Here's a table of the properties you can define in the Person Content Type.

Name Description
Type Select the Person type.
Name The person's name.
Honorific Prefix An honorific prefix preceding a Person's name such as Dr/Mrs/Mr.
Honorific Suffix An honorific suffix following a Person's name such as M.D./PhD/MSCSW.
Alternate Name An alternative name of the person.
Additional Name An additional name for a Person, can be used for a middle name.
Given Name Given name. In the U.S., the first name of a Person.
Family Name Family name. In the U.S., the last name of a Person.
Country The person's country.
City The person's city.
Address The person's street address.
Region The person's region.
Postal Code The person's postal code.
Description The description of the person.
Email The person's email address.
Telephone The person's telephone number.
Gender The person's gender.
Birth Date The person's birth date.
Member Of The organization the person belongs to.
Image The person's image.
Job Title The person's job title.
Works For The organization that the person works for.
Same As URL of a reference Web page that unambiguously indicates the item's identity. E.g. the URL of the item's Wikipedia page, Wikidata entry, or official website.
Affiliation An organization that the person is affiliated with. For example, a school/university, a club, or a team.
Alumni Of An organization that the person is an alumni of.
Award An award won by the person.
Knows About A topic the person knows about - suggesting possible expertise but not implying it.
Has Credential A credential awarded to the person.
Name The person's occupation name.
Educational Requirements The educational requirements for this occupation.
Salary Amount The person's salary.
Currency The currency of the person's salary
General rule: Always markup content that is displayed on the page to visitors. Doing otherwise you may end up with a Spammy Structured Markup Penalty.