Google Structured Data Addons

Below you can find a (growing) list of the avaialble Google Structured Data extension addons.


A list of the supported Joomla! extensions.

Component Name Available since
Joomla! Content 1.0.0
K2 1.0.0 Pro
HikaShop 2.1.0 Pro
VirtueMart 2.1.0 Pro
JoomShopping 2.1.4 Pro
SP Page Builder (JoomShaper) 3.0.0 Pro
RSBlog (RSJoomla) 3.0.0 Pro
EasyBlog (StackIdeas) 3.0.0 Pro
Zoo (YooTheme) 3.1.0 Pro
Menu Manager 3.1.0 Pro
Event Booking (OSSolution) 4.0.0 Pro
Eshop (OSSolution) 4.0.0 Pro
J2Store 4.0.0 Pro

Content Types

A list of the supported Structured Data Content Types

Content Type Name Available since
Article 1.0.0
Product 2.0.0 Pro
Event 2.0.0 Pro
Recipe 2.1.0 Pro
Course 2.1.0 Pro
Fact Check 3.0.2 Pro
Video 3.1.2 Pro
Job Posting 4.0.0 Pro