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Usage & Syntax

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Updated 02 May, 2018

The syntax can be used wherever an HTML output is generated.

{tweetme}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}
{tweetme param1=value|param2=value|param3=value}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}


Here is a list of all available components you can use.


The url parameter contains an absolute HTTP or HTTPS URL to be shared on Twitter. If enabled, the URL will be shortened by selected link shortening service. If no URL is passed the current page URL will be used instead.

If no url is passed the active page URL will be used instead.

{tweetme url=http://www.tassos.gr}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}

via Pro only

A Twitter username to associate with the Tweet, such as your site's Twitter account. The provided username will be appended to the end of the Tweet with the text via @username. The Twitter account may appear in a list of recommended accounts to follow.

{tweetme via=tassosm}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}

hashtags Pro only

A comma-separated list of hashtags to be appended to default Tweet text. Omit a preceding # from each hashtag; the Tweet composer will automatically add the proper space-separated hashtag by language.

{tweetme hashtags=value1,value2}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}

mode Pro only

The display mode. The Box mode makes your quote stand out from the rest of the copy and link mode makes your quote wrap your text.

box link
{tweetme mode=link}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}

theme Pro only

The theme that will be used for either the box or link mode.

Box Mode Themes
t1_trans t1_white t1_light t1_dark t1_black t1_blue t2_trans t2_white t2_light t2_dark t2_black t2_blue t3_trans t3_white t3_blue
Link Mode themes
naked_blue bg_white bg_light bg_dark bg_black bg_blue bg_yellow
Example 1
{tweetme theme=t3_blue}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}
Example 2
{tweetme mode=link|theme=bg_yellow}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}

font Pro only

The font family that will be used for the quote's heading. (Available only for box mode)

Note: Google fonts may impact page load speed.

Standard Fonts
Arial Georgia Sans Serif
Google Fonts
Roboto Open Sans Lato Lora Oswald Montserrat Source Sans Pro Raleway PT Sans Droid Sans Ubuntu Fjalla One
Example 1
{tweetme font=Lato}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}
Example 2
{tweetme font=Open Sans}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}

buttontext Pro only

Override the 'Click to Tweet' text in the call-to-action button/link.

{tweetme buttontext=Please Share!}Your text goes here..{/tweetme}


Passed Text

The passed text will appear pre-selected for a Twitter user to delete or edit before posting. The length of your passed Tweet text should not exceed 140 characters when combined with any passed hashtags, via, or url parameters.

Default value

If no value is passed for a specific option the default value from the plugin settings will be used instead.