Tassos Marinos Developer of Joomla Extensions

DJ-Extensions - DJ-Extensions


DJ-Extensions is a well known developer of high quality Joomla! extensions. Not only programming skills make good extension, it’s also the ability to listen to users' requests and feedback. Most popular extensions are Classifieds, Catalog2, Mega Menu, Media Tools, Image Slider. We provide many more free and premium Joomla extensions as well as Joomla! custom services. Using a coupon code you’ll get 20% discount for any extension subscription.

InspireTheme - InspireTheme


With its high quality Joomla Templates, InspireTheme is quickly evolving into a Leading Template Provider. They offer everything that you might need for your Gantry 5 website! No matter if it is running on Joomla, WordPress or Grav!

JoomDev - JoomDev


JoomDev is a leading Joomla Template and Joomla Extension development company based in India. The biggest thing about their template, you can try free version before purchasing the pro version of the template. Along with the template development, they also offer Web development and Web design services. Soon you will be able to see WordPress themes as well from JoomDev's house.

JoomForest - JoomForest


JoomForest is a talented and passionate web designers team who develops one of the best free Joomla templates and extensions, as well as themes for popular Joomla extensions - Kunena, JomSocial, EasySocial and Community Builder.

JoomlaBuff - JoomlaBuff


JoomlaBuff is a club of passionate web developing experts creating benchmarks in the Joomla Template industry. Their Joomla products and support services are known for their Quality, Functionality and higher cost to the value ratio. Already they hold a customer community across globe.

Minitek - Minitek


Minitek.gr have built a reputation for making high quality, professional Joomla extensions and templates. They have adopted a minimalistic design approach and build beautiful and innovative products.

NorrNext - NorrNext


NorrNext is a team of passionate developers providing functional solutions to get your Joomla! site enhanced. We provide powerful and unique extensions as NorrCompetition to organize contest voting at your site. All products are 100% Open Source with clean and well structured code coming with detailed documentation, video and reliable support.

RocketTheme - RocketTheme


RocketTheme is the longest running Joomla template provider, producing templates and extensions for over 8 years. As the number one Joomla template provider we lead the way in design, features, and member community.

Roosterz - Roosterz


Extend Joomla! Like a BOSS. At roosterz.nl I focus on creating High Quality Extensions that work Out of the Box and are Easy to Use. I provide Top Notch Support 365 days a year. The main extension is ampz, the best Social Sharing extension for Joomla allowing you to amplify your social presence on the web. By using the coupon code you will receive a 20% discount on the extensions.

TechJoomla - TechJoomla


Techjoomla is one of the leading extension developers in the Joomla sphere today. Commercially supported extensions, as well as community supported extensions serving a variety of uses are provided by us. Some of our popular extensions are JGive, JTicketing, Quick2Cart and Shika.

Web357 - Web357


Web357 is a team of professionals who specialise in the development of professional websites and premium extensions for Joomla! CMS. Web357 focuses on extending Joomla's functionality and making repetitive tasks easier, safer and faster.

Weeblr - Weeblr


In 2006, Weeblr created and released publicly sh404SEF. Since then, we've continuously developed it into probably the most popular SEO extension for Joomla right now. wbAMP, the first Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin for Joomla, is now also part of our line of in-house built Joomla! extensions for SEO and content. Enjoy a 20% discount on all of our full-price one year downloads and support subscriptions.