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Common Issues

Published in Extensions
Updated 19 Apr, 2024

Below you can find a list of common issues you may face using Joomla Extensions.

How to fix Joomla Blank Page (White Screen of Death)

On of the most frequently reported problems in Joomla, is that after we have installed, updated or enabled a Joomla extension, we see a blank white page on the front-end with no errors or messages, aka White Screen of Death. This empty white page is actually an error page where the error is being suppressed rather than displayed on the screen. To find out the culprit of this error, follow the steps below.

  • Log into your Joomla administration area
  • Go to System -> Global Configuration -> Server and set the Error Reporting option to Maximum. You can find a more detailed tutorial for this here.
  • Now check the front of your site to see if any errors are displaying.

In case you can't access your backend area, connect via FTP to your site and set the $error_reporting variable in the configuration.php file to 'development'.

public $error_reporting = 'development';

Getting Content Encoding Error when I enable Gzip Page Compression

This issue is not caused by any Tassos.gr Joomla Extensions. It is very likely that your server already has Gzip compression turned on either in the .htaccess file or in the server configuration. If the server gzips the page, Joomla tries to gzip again ending up with encoding issues. If this is true, there's no need to have the Gzip Page Compression option enabled in Joomla.

To check whether your server has Gzip enabled, visit this app, enter your website's URL in the respective form and click Test.