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Advanced Custom Fields 0.3.0 announces Facebook Video, HTML5 Video & HTML5 Audio Fields

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Friday, 03 November 2017

Advanced Custom Fields 0.3.0 announces Facebook Video, HTML5 Video & HTML5 Audio Fields

In this version of ACF the multimedia aspect of the Web is the main focus! So, you'll be happy to notice that you can now create Custom Fields which can display a Facebook Video, an HTML5 Video and HTML5 Audio!

Also, thanks to my lovely contributors on the Transifex - ACF Translation Project numerous new languages have began getting translated!

ACF - Facebook Video Field

Facebook Videos are easily at the top of sources for videos which go viral and bring in a ton of views to your website!


Now, with the ability to easily add a Facebook Video as a custom field for your articles, you're going to part of this emerging trend as well!

ACF - HTML5 Video Field

Before HTML5 you could only play a video to your webpage through a Flash Player or host it on a video site and embed it.


Now, with HTML5 Video capapabilities, you can play your own videos without having to rely on third-party services! With native controls and various customization options, your videos can stream directly from your Joomla website.

ACF - HTML5 Audio Field

For Audio multimedia the same can be said as it did for Videos. Although especially for audio there aren't as much third-party services to assist you in providing streaming and audio players.


Luckily, with HTML5 Audio now available, you can host your own audio files, such as mp3, ogg, wav and more, which can be streamed directly through your Joomla website with a native responsive audio player.


  • Implements ACF - Facebook Video Field
  • Implements ACF - HTML5 Video Field
  • Implements ACF - HTML5 Audio Field
  • Adds translations: Italian it-IT, Portuguese pt_BR, Spanish es_ES, Turkish tr_TR
  • Improves performance using the Novarain Framework namespace
  • Updates language file
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