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Best Joomla Resources to Follow

Tassos Marinos Tassos Marinos
Last updated on May 16th 2024
Best Joomla Resources to Follow

Building websites on Joomla is fun and easy. Yet, many times, designers and developers find themselves troubled with challenging expectations.

Then they seek help, and if you're in the same boat, this blog post will help you solve that problem. We will look at some of the best Joomla resources available online, where we can find a range of helpful resources.

That way, you know where to go whenever you need assistance with your Joomla site. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Best Resources to Learn Joomla Online

The following resources result from dedicated work by their owners to help you provide the best solutions. They’re not in any particular ranking order. So, check them out to meet your needs and decide which can help you the most.

Joomla! Docs

Joomla Docs Joomla Resource

Joomla's official documentation site is the first thing to check out. Thousands of community members maintain it, and it has over 9,000 articles to help you get the most out of Joomla.

From installing Joomla to configuring it according to your requirements, you can find articles of any kind. Moreover, the available articles are translated into multiple languages, so if English is hard on you, you can extract the information independently.

Joomla! YouTube Channel

Joomla! YouTube Channel Joomla Resource

If you’re interested in learning and finding solutions for your Joomla website in video format, then this YouTube channel is for you. It’s the official Joomla! channel with more than 15,000 subscribers. 

If you’re active on YouTube and don’t want to miss something new about Joomla! You should consider subscribing to this channel. Besides news, here you can find videos that help you learn how to update your site, publishing workflow, and more.

Joomla! Magazine

Joomla Magazine Joomla Resource

The Joomla! Community Magazine site is another official resource offered by Joomla! where you can learn about many new and current things that are undergoing the Joomla market.

You can find many helpful articles to improve your Joomla knowledge from the latest releases to understanding custom fields.

Each month, Joomla publishes a new issue that covers users’ views and journeys, what’s new or coming in Joomla, how to utilize different CMS features, and how to take your Joomla experience to a new level.

Joomla! Forum

Joomla Forum Joomla Resource

The Joomla! Forum is where you can join the discussions Joomla users do every day. They share their experience or help fellow users get the best out of the Joomla CMS.

Here, you can read general announcements and find topics that might help you optimize your Joomla website. Or ask for help by submitting your question to the public and getting it resolved by hundreds of experienced fellow Joomla users.

To exchange Joomla knowledge and become better at it, it’s the best place to go online.


JoomlaBeginner Joomla Resource

In 2017, we announced that we’d launch a new website to help beginners learn more about Joomla in the easiest way. With that announcement, we brought JoomlaBeginner.com to life.

A free Joomla online resource dedicated to providing the best solutions in the simplest form. From tutorials to opinions to showcase different Joomla templates, JoomlaBeginner comprises many topics on which to utilize your Joomla site in a new and better way.

Our mission is to spread the message that Joomla is the right tool for free site building, which we’ve clearly expressed through many articles we’ve published in the past years.

At JoomlaBeginner, you'll find that it's not only easy to build websites of any kind on Joomla but also fun and exciting.

So, if you want to learn more about Joomla or discover tools like extensions, templates, and other free resources, you should visit JoomlaBeginner every time you need something new or special for your Joomla website.


OSTraining Joomla Resource

OSTraining offers numerous ways for you to learn more about Joomla. It provides blogs, videos, and books. So, however best you like to improve your Joomla knowledge, you can go for that.

It publishes topics like managing your Joomla site on an iPad, changing the Joomla default editor, removing index.php and IDs from URLs, and more. It is a pretty amazing online Joomla resource for learn various topics.

OSTraining doesn’t offer all of its resources for free except blogs. If you’re interested in learning other than the blog posts, you can sign up for their course for $69 a year.


Udemy Joomla Resource

If free resources aren’t motivating you to improve your Joomla skills, you can try the paid ones. And for that, what’s better than Udemy?

Here, you can purchase Joomla courses from different experienced teachers. The prices aren't too high so that you can have a better learning experience at a reasonable price.

In addition, the courses cover a lot about Joomla; whether you need to learn something basic or advanced, you can get anything you want.

Paid courses start from $12.99.

LinkedIn Learning (Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) Joomla Resource

Another excellent paid Joomla learning resource is LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com. However, unlike Udemy, the courses available here aren’t created by different teachers.

So, if you prefer to learn from a single teacher, LinkedIn Learning for Joomla is the perfect way to start.

Also, different employers give LinkedIn certificates more credibility. Thus, you should go for LinkedIn Joomla courses if you're job hunting for Joomla.

Course available at $34.99.

Build A Joomla Website

Build A Joomla Website Joomla Resource

Another great resource to learn Joomla for free and effectively. Since 2008, over 50,000 people have watched their video tutorials to learn how to build beautiful websites with Joomla! They’ve training suits for different requirements like creating a new website, making changes to an existing website, or becoming a pro user of Joomla.

With BuildaJoomlaWebsite, you’ll get 2 hours of free learning material consisting of 16 lectures. In addition, you can opt for their premium package, which costs $29/month for 4 months.

Basic Joomla

Basic Joomla Joomla Resource

If video tutorials keep you going, then Basic Joomla Tutorials is the resource you need to visit. Tim Davis, the guy behind this resource, is a great tutor with diverse knowledge of Joomla CMS and a big fan of our Joomla contact form, Convert Forms.

His Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel has videos covering many topics, such as duplicating Joomla sites, creating custom 404 error pages, making phone numbers a hotlink, and more. He also publishes tutorials on his site, including transcripts. So, if you’re prone to reading, you can learn Joomla in that way and use his methods.

In addition to the tutorials, he also offers Joomla giveaways occasionally. You can win amazing Joomla tools to enhance your website’s functionality by entering those.

Therefore, subscribing to his site or channel is a win-win situation for learning and getting powerful tools without spending anything.

Learn Joomla Fast

Learn Joomla Fast Joomla Resource

Learn Joomla Fast is another great resource for learning Joomla through videos. It’s a YouTube Channel maintained by Mathew Tamin

This YouTube resource includes tutorials for Joomla 3 and the latest Joomla 4. So, whichever version you’re using, you can find videos to improve both. The channel also features tutorials from other Joomla users sharing their tips and tricks, which you can utilize for your purpose.

The site covers topics on Joomla CMS very well, and you’ll probably find solutions to your problems easily. Here, you can find videos for absolute beginners, like how to manage users and modules to more advanced topics, like how to create a hotel booking website with Joomla.

Joomla StackExchange

Joomla StackExchange Joomla Resource

As I mentioned in the introduction, a tab always remains open in the browser window for web developers. Mostly, it’s Stack Overflow, and if it helps you learn technical things, then there's one for your Joomla knowledge.

Joomla Stack Exchange can help you find solutions and resources to improve your skills. You can also ask fellow Joomla users to resolve any of your issues—a great online resource to learn, unlearn, and relearn Joomla for free.

Astrid Guenther

Astrid Guenther Joomla Resource

Astrid Guenther is a Joomla developer who has been publishing straightforward resources since 2018.

She’s excellent at discussing Joomla topics, and from her Joomla extension development guide, you can find out how good she is. The guide includes tutorials for extensions, such as components, plugins, modules, and templates.

Her site allows you to find resources to improve your Joomla development skills, resolve issues, and utilize Joomla at its best.

So, if you’re planning to learn how to code a Joomla extension on your own, it’s a must-visit site.

Chris Wilcox

Chris Wilcox Joomla Resource

Many Joomla users find video tutorials helpful in learning and improving their skills. And with Chris Wilcox’s YouTube channel, that becomes easier.

He's an active YouTube Joomla tutorial maker who provides helpful Joomla videos if you subscribe. By following the instructions, you’ll learn more about Joomla speed optimizations, utilizing core functionalities, and more.


Web-eau.net Joomla Resource

Web-eau.net is another excellent resource site for learning more about Joomla and its ecosystem. Here, you’ll find free training courses on how to create and manage a Joomla website easily. Some of the topics it covers are installing Joomla on a local server, configuring users, making advanced template modifications, setting up a multilingual site, etc.

It’s run by Joomla evangelist Daniel, a well-known webmaster in the community with extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, SEO, and more.

Although Web-eau.net has several useful topics, it is only available in French. Therefore, it might be best for you to get your Google Translate ready!


So, that’s our look at the free & paid Joomla online resources you can explore to learn more about our beloved Joomla. I hope this blog post helped you find a suitable platform to sharpen your skills and knowledge. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

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