Convert Forms 1.0.4 released

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Friday, 07 July 2017

Convert Forms 1.0.4 released

This release contains the all new ConvertForms editor button and the very much needed Custom Code field. Both features aim to provide you an undistracted experience and an increased sense of tidyness as expected!

Editor Button

Don't you hate it when you are writing an article and to insert any shortcode which requires an extraneous ID, you have to stop writing and search for it?


Well we hate it too! That's why we implemented the all new ConvertForms editor button which helps you insert ConvertForms into your articles and modules on the spot, without having to go to your ConvertForms manager and get the ID of the form!

Custom Code

A lot of you have shown interest in writing custom code for each of your ConvertForms and with the new Custom Code field now you are able to do just that!

You can forget about adding code to your template to accommodate your needs for a single form. All that is taken care of with the Custom Code field and its much needed ability to only load this specific code when the form is loaded into the page.

Improvements & Fixes

Finally, since ConvertForms is here to revolutionize the way your forms are created, your continuous feedback gets us closer and closer to that goal by improving our existing functionalities and fixing the odd glitches here and there!


  • Implements the ConvertForms editor button
  • Adds new Custom Code field
  • Adds new Center Form field
  • Adds fullscreen button to text editors
  • Updates ActiveCampaign integration with the update existing user functionality
  • Updates GetResponse integration with the update existing user functionality
  • Form Editor styling & UX improvements
  • Fixes issue with the checkboxes field type and the required attribute
  • Fixes a bug with the MailChimp Merge Tags
  • Fixes a case with the MailChimp Interests not being correctly synced
  • Fixes the Can't find XML setup file error message during update process
  • Fixes critical CSS issues on the Form Editor when the form's height exceeds the viewport's height
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