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Custom Joomla Development

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Custom Joomla Development

Custom Joomla! Extensions are used by webmasters for various reasons, including but not limited to increasing visitor engagement, quick traffic conversion, leads generation etc. If hand-coding PHP is something that needs you to push your limits, you should hire a professional who masters the technical skills and knowhow required for building robust and flexible extensions for Joomla.

I am Tassos Marinos, a senior web developer who has got rich experience in custom Joomla development. If you are looking for someone adept in Joomla extension development, stop struggling to find a big brand. I would like to define myself as an adroit Joomla developer who has got broad experience in handling website extension development and an enviable work portfolio. I can meet all your Joomla Extensions development needs and add more functionality to your website.

You want a plug-in, a component or a module?

Joomla web development framework supports a number of extension types that serve varied purposes. Choosing the right type of Joomla extension can be very challenging for entry-level developers, not to mention the non-savvy business owners who try their hands on coding and developing. Therefore, knowing why you need an extension will definitely clear all your doubts. Feel free to ask me questions if you have a doubt.

Coding guidelines I religiously follow

I take pride in being an unswerving follower of Joomla coding guidelines for the entire length of my career as a developer, I have always believed that quality codes can ensure seamless integration of extensions with Joomla based websites. Besides, it ensures smooth workflow across all levels of development and plug-in deployment. I attach code comments to all code segments so that developers in your team can complete the job without a hitch. I DO NOT USE CORE HACKS and name all codes properly to make sure that your Joomla development project does not come to a standstill.

Licensing and copyright

If you are developing PHP source code for your Joomla based website, it is good to get the custom-made source codes that are licensed by GNU or General Public License. In developer’s lingo, this type of source code is defined as open source. Whether you want to release the software application for public access and usage is entirely up to you. If you allow me to retain the copyright of the source code, it simply means you are authorizing me to sell the code to any other third-party. If you want to buy the reselling rights from me, I might charge you extra. Contact me for detailed quotes (I offer free and non-obligation price quotes) and do the math!

The cost of getting a Joomla! Extension

The cost of a newly built custom extension for a Joomla website largely depends on the functionalities of the extension. The more functionality you want in a Joomla custom extension, the more it will cost you. If you are looking to get the bang for your bucks, I suggest you to define your strategic objectives first so that you get what you want, a minimalist extension that just serves the intended purpose. Contact me to know the costs.

If you want to hire me for your next custom Joomla Extension development project, just shoot an email. Please add as many details as you can to get a detailed quote.

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