Engage Box v3.0.1 released

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Engage Box v3.0.1 released

This new release comes with the new major feature Limit Impressions . Now you can fine-tune your boxes to activate based on the amount of impressions you have chosen and be reset again on a set time-period!

For example, you can set your box to activate for only 2 times (per user of course) in a day, which means that once those 2 times have passed it won't show up again until the next day! Isn't it great?

Along with impressions you will be pleased to see that we have started implementing Statistics about each box based on the amount of impressions. This feature is still in its infantile stage so expect to see a significant growth in the upcoming releases.


  • Implements Limit Impressions feature
  • Implements Statistics
  • Adds versioning to all media files to force browser cache refresh
  • Fixes CSS issue on Google Chrome with the will-change property
  • Fixes PHP bug with the missing Filesystem library
  • Fixes fatal error caused by the component uninstallation
  • Fixes bug with the Google Analytics Tracker
  • Backend UX improvements

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