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Fast, Powerful and Easy. The new Google Structured Data 3.0 is here!

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fast, Powerful and Easy. The new Google Structured Data 3.0 is here!

Sunny Summer Greetings everyone!

It's been a long time coming to give Google Structured Data the major facelift to solidify its standing as probably the best Structured Data Extension for Joomla at the moment. This great refactoring brings it to version 3 as a fully fledged component from now on and what that means is that you can manage all your Structured Data from one single place quickly and easily!

From a simple Plugin to a slick Component

What you will immediately notice once you upgrade your current installation is that all of the previously scattered functionalities have been gathered into a very modern Component. The goal was, and still is, to save you precious time from managing all of the Structured Data for the entirety of your Content with the help of a powerful and flexible Items Manager.

Intuitive new functionalities

Through the new Component now you can:

  • Immediately get an overview of ALL the Structured Data of your Joomla website.
  • Update, enable and disable Structured Data which affect the entirety of your website. Also known as, Global Structured Data.
  • Create, update and delete Structured Data such as the Article Content Type, the Product Content Type and many others from a single place regardless of which extension this content comes from!
  • Easily configure the way each integration with other extensions collaborates with your Structured Data.
  • Promptly get access to detailed documentation about each Content Type or Integration.
  • Many other functionalities here and there.

Multiple Content Types at once

Previously you could only add one Content Type, like the Article Content Type, for each of your Content Items. Now, you are able to add as many Content Types as you like! This is especially useful and absolutely needed for the Video Content Type, the Fact Check Content Type and many others which will be implemented here on.

Extremely faster implementation of new Integrations

It is a fact that quite a lot of you have been asking for all kinds of integrations for the extensions you are using. Truely, the list of integrations to be implemented are more than 30 by now! As you can imagine, I could not pass on the opportunity to create a strong foundation on which I can deploy new integrations blazingly fast and end up with an even happier subscriber base!

What's next to come

The ball is rolling fast for Google Structured Data and the next big features are already under way! Take a look at what is next to the door.

Dynamic Events

If you are already using Google Structured Data you should already know the auto-mode for the e-commerce integrations. Well, since it proved to be a very rewarding feature, get ready to use it for the rest of the integrations as well!

Batch Processing

This feature will be especially celebrated by those who have hundreds, if not thousands, content items and want to speed up the process of assigning Content Types to them. With Batch Processing you will be able to massively select items and assign to them the Content Type of your choosing! Huge Time Saver!

The next Integrations

As I've already mentioned before, the requests for new integrations are piling up pretty quickly and naturally those who have the majority of requests get bumped up in priority. For the time being, the next integrations under way are the following:

  • Zoo Integration
  • JEvents Integration
  • DJ Classifieds Integration
  • RSDirectory Integration

Don't stop informing me of what integration you are interested in! Who knows, you might not be the first!

You are the origin

I could not have taken the decisions I took to do this major overhaul without the invaluable feedback I received from all of you daily. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you - you know who you are - for giving me the ideas to help Google Structured Data reach its next big step forward.

Thank you!

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