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Google Structured Data 3.0.1 released

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Monday, 31 July 2017

Google Structured Data 3.0.1 released

Numerous fixes

This release packs quite a lot of fixes that have been reported since the release of the major version 3.0.

The Logo Structured Data is now FREE

Apart from the fixes though, this release also adds the Logo Structured Data in the FREE version! Now, through the FREE version you can specify the image Google Search uses for your organization's logo in Search results and in the Knowledge Graph!


  • Makes the Logo Structured Data available for Free!
  • Disables closing the Add Snippet modal when clicking outside the modal
  • Updates translations
  • Fixes bug in the FastEdit mechanism where the displayed snippets list was wrong. (Uses IFrame callback now)
  • Fixes 'Can't use method return value in write context' on EasyBlog integration (PHP 5.4 error)
  • Fixes fatal error when uninstalling the component only
  • Fixes issue with the Integrations tab returning wrong plugin published state
  • Fixes missing URL in the last item of the breadcrumbs list
  • Fixes issue in the JoomShopping Integration which doesn't take a second language into account
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