How to display Joomla System Messages in Popup

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Saturday, 25 March 2017

How to display Joomla System Messages in Popup

Joomla System Messages provide valuable feedback for various actions performed on your site. Your visitors can be informed for:

  • An occasion where they can not access a certain article or some other resource.
  • They tried to log in with wrong credentials.
  • User added a product on their cart.
  • Any other custom message that might come from any extension which utilizes Joomla System Messages.

By default, Joomla displays those alert messages at the top most area of your page as static text. There are cases though where these messages may be poorly styled by your template or they are just not displayed at the best possible position. If this happens, the user won’t see those important alerts. To prevent this from happening and ensure they don’t go unnoticed by the user, you can show them in a popup and increase the chances they catch the user’s attention.

Display Joomla System Message in a Popup with EngageBox

EngageBox is the de facto pop-up builder solution for Joomla. It can help you build pop-ups that get triggered during page load, while the user scrolls, or even when the visitor is about to leave your site. It comes with a big popup templates collection including premade styles for Joomla System Messages to help you get started within a minute and without the need of any technical expertise.

Log into your backend and go to Components -> EngageBox. Click New to open the templates library.

Display Joomla System Messages in Popup

In the EngageBox library select Specials from the dropdown at the left and type system messages in the search input at the right to filter the results. Select one of the available templates that shows up in the list and click to import the template.

Display Joomla System Messages in Popup

Next, the only thing you need to do is to enable the Popup.

Display Joomla System Messages in Popup

Now, whenever a Joomla system message is enqueued by a Joomla extension or your template, EngageBox will catch it and display it in the popup you've set up.


On top of all the marketing aspects of EngageBox, it should be refreshing to see that it can be used for utilitarian purposes as well. Providing feedback to your users with the visual cues you can achieve through EngageBox can create a pleasant user experience. A pleasant user experience results to returning users and returning users result to a dedicated user base. Who could say no to that?

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