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Subscriptions are here!

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Last updated on May 14th 2024
Subscriptions are here!

Since the Responsive Scroll Triggered Box have shown great promise and unbelievably good feedback it's only natural that I will continue supporting it indefinitely and I will continue developing new extensions with the next ground-breaking extension on the way!

To provide the best experience to my customers I have decided to implement a more distinct and clear way of knowing what you get when you purchase an extension. So here comes the subscription model!

There are 3 types of subscriptions!

  • 3 Months Subscription
  • A Full Year's Subscription
  • A Lifetime Subcription

What's included in ALL of the plans

  • Access the upgrade of your extension for as long as your subscription is valid.
  • There is no limit on domains in which you can install your purchased extension. Go on and install it wherever you'd like.
  • If by all means you are not happy with what your purchased extension offers then you are entitled to a Guaranteed 7-day full refund!.
  • All of the extensions' code is open for you to see and experiment on. There is no encryption on any part of the code. Forget about the troublesome Zend Guard and its similar ionCube!

The 3-months Subscription

The price of this subscription is the same as it was previously with the difference being that you get to download free upgrades of your purchased extension for 3 months.

The Full Year's Subscription

Essentially it is the same with the previous subscription but now you save a lot of money and of course you get to download free upgrades of the plugin for a whole year!


It is pretty much self explanatory and if you are commited to your cause then this is the plan for you. The amount of money you save with this plan is really incalculable since you'll be enjoying quality functionality, frequently updated and virtually hassle-free!


Of course there are discounts! For my loyal existing customers I give 20% discount towards every subscription renewal or upgrade to another plan before expiration!

How can I manage my account?

From now on you are able to manage your subscription through your account page the same way you logged in and downloaded any updates!

You can do everything between knowing when does your subscription expires and downloading any invoice you might want.

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