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What's new in Responsive Scroll Triggered Box 1.6

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Saturday, 27 June 2015

What's new in Responsive Scroll Triggered Box 1.6

This version gives even more control to you

Every marketeer would admit that having control over any aspect of your promotion or advertisement, whether it is about the duration of the advertisement or the position of it or anything else for that matter, is a crucial point of any such campaign.

That is way I strive to build even more controls for you for each release! And this release is one of them!

New Trigger Points

You'll find that now you are able to trigger your RSTBox on more events and ways than before. The new trigger points are the following:

  • On Element Hover
    This trigger point is pretty much self-explanatory. Set your desired element of your DOM and when the visitor hovers over it, your RSTBox will trigger.

  • On Demand
    If you do not want to utilize any events and you just want to trigger your RSTBox yourself with your custom code, then this is the trigger point you have to choose.

    For more details read the Triggering on Click/Demand tutorial

  • On Page Ready
    Some people choose to not wait for the heavy assets of the page to load and therefore they choose use events on page ready, which most developers know as document ready.

  • On Location Hash (or also known as Named anchor tag)
    An example would be best to explain this trigger point. If by any chance you might want to show an explicit popup to visitors coming from maybe a friendly site then you should add the location hash e.g. #friendlysitename to the URLS coming from that specific website. So the resulting URL might be http://www.tassos.gr/blog#friendlysitename and then when they finally click on it and come to your site they will be shown a specific RSTBox that you have configured to work with that hash.

    Live Example
    The following link http://www.tassos.gr/joomla-extensions/responsive-scroll-triggered-box-for-joomla#rstbox-login redirects you to RSTBox product page where I have set a Login Form Popup to show up every time the URL has the #rstbox-login hash.

    Important Information
    The Location Hash by itself works every time on all trigger points if it is set to something other than blank. By choosing the trigger point "On Location Hash" you explicitly tell it work with the location hash only and not by other events.

Other improvements

  • Added animation duration option. You can choose between slow, normal, fast or even add your own animation duration in milliseconds.
  • The plugin in general is now initialized in a much earlier time, without waiting for the whole website to be fully loaded.
  • Updated the mobile detection library to accommodate recent changes.
  • Updated the English translation.

What to expect from the new version

On the next version you'll be able to integrate your Google Analytics account with the functionality of the RSTBox. Better tracking - Better results.

You'll also be able to choose new animations for your RSTBox except from those that are already installed.

Last but not least, you'll be able to assign your RSTBox to specific articles or categories.

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