The Download Button Field

The "Download Button" custom field gives you the ability to download files via the click of a button. This instructs (forces) the browser to download the URL you specify instead of navigating to it, so the user will be prompted to save the file locally.

Field Settings

The "Download Button" custom field provides you the way to select a file from a dircetory and create a button which will be displayed at your frontend.


As you can see from the screenshot above, after choosing the correct Type, you can set the directory, included/excluded files, button name and button classes.

Let's see what each option does.

Name Description
Name The name will be used to identify the field. Leave this blank and Joomla will fill in a default value from the title.
Label The label of the field to display.
Description A description of the field that will be displayed in the label tooltip.
Required Is this a mandatory field?
Directory Set the directory to search for files.
Include Files Set the files to be included in the directory list.
Excluded Files Set the files to be excluded from the directory list.
Button Label Set the button name.
Button Class Set the button classes.


Once you are in your Article's Edit screen, choose the "Fields" Tab to see the Download Button custom field as you can see in the screenshot below.


In this drop-down you can select which file to download via the download button on the frontend.

Frontend Display

Take a look at the screenshot below to see how it could be displayed in your frontend.