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Product Roadmap

Our development cycle is fast. We frequently update Convert Forms with bug fixes and new features to make it an even more valuable resource for you


Pending tasks on the roadmap awaiting scheduling.
  1. Repeater Field
  2. Address Auto-Complete Field
  3. Form Scheduling
  4. Google Sheets App
  5. Constant Contact App
  6. Zoho CRM App
  7. Payment Gateways
  8. Analytics
  9. Submission Views
  10. Summary Emails

In Progress

Tasks under development and soon to be shipped.
  1. Multi-Step Forms
  2. Enhanced Fields User Interface
  3. Bulk Import for List-Based Fields
  4. Conditional Content Shortcode
  5. More Form Templates


Recently completed tasks that have been shipped.
  1. Content App
  2. Phone Field Country Code Selector
  3. New Form Templates Library
  4. Tasks addon
  5. Conditional Logic for Emails
  6. Conditional Logic for Integrations
  7. Create Joomla User on Submission
  8. Joomla 4 compatibility
  9. Conditional Fields
  10. PDF Form Submission
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