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Adds Decimal Separator option to Calculation Fields. Refactors the export submissions process in Joomla 4. Fix: [Joomla 3] Phone Number Country Selector not being editable when editing a submission. Fix: Required Phone field is detected as empty on Joomla 3. Fix: If you can access the Submissions page, you can now export submissions. Fix: Phone Field may break submissions export. Fix: Field Calculations do not detect the value of Rating Fields. Fix: List fields may become unusable if no valid choices are set. Fix: The geolocation library may conflict with other extensions resulting in a fatal error. Fix: MailChimp app may throw PHP Notice: Undefined index: interests_replace. Fix: Couldn't save the form when a Country/Currency field was present in the form. MailChimp app now returns a response object readable by next tasks. Fix: Webhooks addon now considers all 2xx status codes as successful. JSON API: Reduced default result limit to 100 submissions.
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Implements the Content App. Create Joomla articles with your forms! Implements country detection for the Phone Number field (Pro only). Adds Minimum and Maximum characters options to Password field. Adds a dropdown selection with flags on the Phone Number field. Fix: Prevent warning "Unable to find a user with ID: XXX" in the backend submissions list. Confirm field is renamed to Confirmation field.
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Fix: Attachments does not work in the Email task. Fix: Error Code: syntax error, unexpected '=>' (T_DOUBLE_ARROW), expecting ',' or ')'. Implements the Cookie Smart Tag {cookie.KEY}
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Adds 4 templates for PayPal Payments, PayPal Donations, Appointments and Airport Pickup Reservation Implements a new CSS grid (experimental) Fix: Form builder may break due to incorrect inputmask's value. Fix: "Call to a member function isHTML() on bool" caused in PHP 8.1 when duplicate email addresses are used as a recipient. Fix: Ensure the Submission PDF path doesn't change when the submission is updated in the backend. Fix: Update the Submission PDF content when the submission is updated in the backend only if the PDF exists. Fix: Submission fails when an optional empty field is used as an attachment in an email notification Fix: Smart Tags --layout option is not taken into account in Tasks. Fix: "Blocked loading mixed active content" error when using Tasks. Fix: Inputs default colors were updated to have a sufficient contrast ratio. Fix: PHP 8.2 compatibility issues. Fix: Form would not submit when reCAPTCHA v3 is used and form is not submitted in a timely manner. Fix: Set a fixed image width for rating icons. The sections Image and Form in the Design panel are deprecated and will be removed in the future. Updates translations.
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Implements the new Templates Library. Adds the Label Font Weight option. Improves default field styling options. Fix: Request-URI Too Long error may appear while editing a Task. Fix: {article} Smart Tag may break form submission when used in Dropdowns, Radio Buttons, and Checkboxes. Fix: [Joomla 3] Convert Forms > Submissions > "Search Tools" or "Clear" buttons wouldn't work. Makes the HTML field available in both Free & Pro versions. We can now return any article custom field property using the {article.field.[NAME][PROPERTY]} syntax. Updates translations
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Adds Input Mask predefined options (IP, Email, URL, Currency, Percentage and more). Adds support for reCAPTCHA 3 Implements a new all-in-one reCAPTCHA field that incorporates the v2 Checkbox, v2 Invisible, and v3 versions. Fix: File Upload field may not load its translations. Fix: Installation fails on MySQL < 5.6 with an error: Invalid default value for 'created'. Fix: Some fields appear untranslated in the All fields tab. Fix: PHP error "Too few arguments to function PlgConvertFormsToolsTasks::onContentAfterSave()" appears after the form is saved. Fix: Caclulation Values misbehave when setting more than 3 options on checkboxes/radio buttons/dropdowns. Fix: [Joomla 3] UI/IX improvements in Conditional Fields. Fix: Submissions Date Range filter would change selected dates due to timezone. Fix: Input Mask wouldn't allow Greek characters to be typed. Fix: New lines are not preserved in the Email Tasks app. Fix: User Account App fails to send registration emails on Joomla 3. Fix: "Help" button wouldn't link to Convert Forms documentation page. Updates Inputmask script to v5.0.8 Updates translations
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Implements the Tasks section. Implements the User Account Task App. Implements the Webhooks Task App. Adds "Show all options" and "Hide all options" actions in Conditional Fields. Adds PDF Submissions "Paper Size" & "Orientation" options. Implements the "Total Checked Not Equals" comparison operator in Conditional Fields. Adds the ability to redirect to a Menu Item after successful submission. Fix: PHP 8.1 returns 0 as the field value when submitting an empty number field. Fix: Email Cloaking plugin breaks fields with email addresses in Joomla 4. Fix: Conditional Fields fail to change the value of a calculation-enabled field. Fix: Calculated field values reset during form submission. Fix: Add missing translation strings. Fix: Conditional Fields may not work if the field value starts or ends with an empty space. Fix: Conditional Fields will fail to display the value input field when the "Change Value" action is selected. Fix: Ensure .htaccess file added on dynamically created folders contains correct syntax based on Apache version. Fix: Smart Tags box does not translate all labels. Fix: Conditional Fields fail if they include rules for deleted fields. Fix: PHP Error "Undefined property: stdClass::$text" may be thrown by 3rd-party components. Fix: Deprecated: md5(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated [PHP 8.1]. Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: field_options ^ Makes the honeypot trigger error a translation string. Removes unneeded files from the TGeoIP plugin. Improves Field Calculations performance. Updates translations. Updates PDF library to 2.0.3.
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You can now retrieve an Article's Custom Field using the {article.field.[ALIAS]} Smart Tag. Fix: The Form editor may break due to CORS policy. Fix: Radio Buttons and Checkboxes may get shrinked on small screens. Fix: Content plugin shortcodes may be left unparsed during form rendering. Fix: Date Time field may not work due to special characters in the name of the field. Updates translations (el-GR, cs-CZ) Updates flatpickr script to 4.6.13 and loads it locally. The script (Dropzone) required by the File Upload field is now loaded locally.
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Adds back the component's submenu items in the backend. Added Complexity option to Math Captcha (Low, Medium, High). Fix: Date Time field does not appear correctly on iOS. Fix: Input mask script would not work correctly on mobile devices under certain circumstances. Fix: .7z files fail to uploaded in File Upload field. Fix: [Joomla 4] Can't change selected form after exporting submissions. Fix: Can't remove placeholder value in Math Captcha. Fix: The Email Cloaking plugin makes email addresses in emails unreadable. Remove Thousands Separator option from Number fields. Added Greek (el-GR) translation. Translations updated.
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Adds the Thousands Separator option to Field Calculations. Adds support for passing Submission Data to redirect URL using POST. Implements the Submissions Exporter plugin [Pro-only]. Implements the {post.KEY} Smart Tag to pull data from the $_POST super global. Adds support for preventing saving the submissions in the database. Adds Input Placeholder and Wrong Answer Text options to Math Captcha field. [Joomla 4] Fix: Submissions count does not show up in the Forms list. Fix: The end Date in the Export Submissions modal is not taken into account. Fix: PHP 8.1 warnings affecting Joomla 4. Fix: Captcha images on Form Builder appear stretched. Fix: PHP error: Class 'Joomla\CMS\Filesystem\File' not found in Joomla 3.8 when uploading files. Fix: Range Slider position is not updated when used in Conditional Fields. Fix: PDF file wouldn't accept non-latin characters. The PDF Form Submission is now auto-regenerated when we update the submission in the backend. Updates input mask script to 5.0.8 and loads it locally. Translations updated Removed the Shadow option from the Fields Design panel and Submit button settings.
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Implements the Match Captcha field. Fix: {all_fields} Smart Tag does not retain new line breaks in plain text emails. Fix: [Joomla 4] Field-based Smart Tags are not replaced in the File Upload Destination. Fix: "Deprecated: Required parameter $value follows optional parameter $key." PHP warning. Fix: Using Geolocation Smart Tags in the free version causing error in the form builder. Fix: Emails were not sent in UTF-8 when non-latin characters were used. The Update notice should always appear unless closed. Update Site changed
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Fix: v3.2.7 broke Conditional Fields.
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Added useful notices for rating/missing download key as well as when the subscription expires/expired. Fix: Dropdown's placeholder option should be disabled if the field is mandatory. Fix: Country detection in the Country field may not work in non-english sites. Fix: HTML field produces line breaks on every element. Fix: Prevent Conditional Field to fail when a field's value contains whitespace from both ends. Fix: Long text in Radio Buttons doesn't respect Side-by-Side layout. Fix: The submission's Print link on the front-end does not work.
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Added useful notices for rating/missing download key as well as when the subscription expires/expired. Adds Help Text Position - You can now position the field's help text before or after the input. Adds support for Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics Universal Code will be shutting down July 1, 2023. Improved geolocation, update and outdated extension notifications. Fix: Prevent new lines characters breaking submissions' CSV export file. Fix: Space characters in emails may displayed as ? in old email clients. Fix: Country Value is not taken into account in the Country Field. Fix: The component's router is not taken into account on extension update. Fix: PHP 8.1 compatibility issues. Fix: Dashboard not loading due to error "The SELECT would examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows".
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Implements the component router and improves SEF URLs. Adds support for Geolocation Smart Tags: {geo.country}, {geo.countrycode}, {geo.city}, {geo.region}, {geo.location}. Added {client.id} Smart Tag - Display the visitor's unique ID token. Fix: Prevent the ?view=form parameter to be added in the form's URL. Fix: Submission creation date was not displayed with correct timezone. Fix: Date/Time field would not display validation message when field is empty and required. Fix: [Joomla 4] Phoca Top Menu module overlaps with the form builder's header. Fix: [Joomla 4] The Joomla logo is broken in the top bar in the form builder page. Fix: [Joomla 3.8] PHP error would appear when adding "Rating, Range Slider or Color Picker" fields. The minimum required PHP version is now 7.0.0. Improves form builder's page load time.
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Fix: DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string PHP error in JSON API. Fix: Form may be submitted multiple times under some circumstances. Fix: File type (mime) detection might not work for some file types in the File Upload field. Fix: Signature field would not work properly under certain circumstances. Updates Dropzone (file upload script) to 5.9.3.
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Adds Filter Search option to Export modal. Fix: The Editor field's value is displayed as plain text instead of HTML in Emails and Submission list. Fix: List-based fields would not show the value as checked if it contained HTML tags. Fix: Honeypot field is not hidden when the main stylesheet is disabled. Fix: Styling issues with the front-end submission display in Joomla 4. Fix: The Dropdown field does not respect the Placeholder option on the submission edit page. Fix: Field Calculations may break the page when the Suffix option is used with a Number field. Updates PDF library to 1.2.0. Updates Flatpickr script to v4.6.11.
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Adds support for User Custom Fields in Smart Tags. Syntax {user.field.FIELDNAME}. Fix Joomla 4: A field name bigger than 50 chars would cause a UI issue in the fields list in the backend. Fix: Wrong $error argument passed to the onConvertFormsSubmissionValidate() plugin event. Fix: PHP 8.1 - Deprecated: trim(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated. Fix: Duplicate fields visible in "Add Field" tab. The {field.FIELDNAME.html} syntax no longers wraps the value of a Signature Field with a div. The Password field no longers get masked with asterisks in the {all_fields} Smart Tag. Updated translations: ca-ES, es-ES.
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Added State option to Export Submissions dialog. (At the moment available for Joomla 3 only). Improve UX by including the form's ID in all Form selection dropdowns. Fix: Error "No Submissions Found" when exporting unpublished or trashed submissions. Fix: PHP 8.1 - version_compare(): Argument #3 ($operator) must be a valid comparison operator Fix: UI issue with the Field Settings panel in non-english languages. Fix: [Joomla 4] PHP error that would appear if only the administrator component would be uninstalled. Updated translations: de-DE
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Implements the Signature field. Adds (limited) support for field-based Smart Tags in the File Upload folder. Fix: Field Calculations may fail to evalute a formula due to incorrect letter case in shortcode. Fix: {all_fields} --excludeEmpty option fails to exclude values with extra spaces. Fix: Changing a Fields' Label does not update field labels under "All Fields" consistently. Fix: AcyMaiiling 7.7.4 would throw an error when subscribing users to a list. Updated translations: de-DE, fr-FR
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