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Using the Phone Number Field

Published in Convert Forms
Updated 03 Jul, 2023

Convert Forms Phone Number field provides a user-friendly experience for capturing phone numbers. Users can easily input their telephone numbers with the option to enable a country selector and its corresponding calling code. Whether you must collect contact information, validate user registrations, or streamline communication, this versatile field ensures accurate and seamless phone number input for various form use cases.

Convert Forms Phone Number Demo

How to add a Phone Number field to your Joomla Forms

You can easily add a Phone Number field in your form by following the steps listed below:

Step 1: Click on "Add Field"

To view all the available fields, click the "Add Field" button.

View all available Convert Forms Fields

Step 2: Add the Phone Number field

Click the "Phone Number" button to add the field to your form.

Add Phone Number Convert Forms Field

Step 3: Customize the Phone Number field

Once the field has been added to your form, you can customize it via the settings provided to fit your needs.

Configure the Phone Number field

Below, you can find all the available field settings.

Field Settings

The settings available for the Phone Number field can be seen below:

Display Country Code Selector Enable to display a country code selector where users can select their country and display its calling code.
Default Country Code Select whether:
  • To automatically detect the visitor's country
  • A specific country will be selected
  • Or set a custom country code. Smart Tags are allowed.
Select Country Select the default country from the list.
Country Code Set the country code. You can also use Smart Tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Phone Number field uses an Input Mask. What will happen due to its deprecation?

If your Phone Number field uses an Input Mask, it will continue to work until it's removed in a future release.

For this reason, we advise enabling "Display Country Code Selector", making it easier for your visitors to type in their telephone numbers.

Lastly, if "Display Country Code Selector" is enabled, any Input Mask set will be ignored.

How can I display a country phone format while the user is typing?

Since many countries support different phone number formats, having a fixed input mask is impossible to ensure the user types in the correct format. However, we plan on setting the default placeholder to a phone number format per country which will help your users type their phone numbers.

How can I pre-populate the phone number?

To pre-populate the phone number, go to Default Value and set it to any phone number you desire. Note: This will only set the phone number input field and not the calling code.

To also set the calling code value, select Set Country Code under Default Country Code and type in the default country code. You can also use Smart Tags here.