Convert Forms Free (Testing)


Maturity: Alpha
Released on: Wednesday, 25 January 2023 13:25
  • Implements the Tasks section.
  • Implements the User Account Task App.
  • Implements the Webhooks Task App.
  • Adds "Show all options" and "Hide all options" actions in Conditional Fields.
  • Adds PDF Submissions "Paper Size" & "Orientation" options.
  • Fix: Conditional Fields fail to change the value of a calculation-enabled field.
  • Fix: Calculated field values reset during form submission.
  • Fix: Add missing translation strings.
  • Fix: Conditional Fields may not work if the field value starts or ends with an empty space.
  • Fix: Conditional Fields will fail to display the value input field when the "Change Value" action is selected.
  • Removes unneeded files from the TGeoIP plugin.
  • Improves Field Calculations performance.
  • Updates translations.
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