Convert Forms Free (Testing)


Maturity: Alpha
Released on: Thursday, 29 September 2022 15:17
  • Adds Thousands Separator option to Field Calculations.
  • Adds support for passing Submission Data to redirect URL using POST.
  • Implements the {post.KEY} Smart Tag to pull data from the $_POST super global.
  • Adds support for preventing saving the submissions in the database.
  • The PDF Form Submission is now auto-regenerated when we update the submission in the backend.
  • [Joomla 4] Fix: Submissions count does not show up in the Forms list.
  • Fix: PHP 8.1 warnings affecting Joomla 4.
  • Fix: Class 'Joomla\CMS\Filesystem\File' not found in Joomla 3.8 when uploading files.
  • Fix: Range Slider position is not updated when used in Conditional Fields.
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