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Advanced Custom Fields v0.2 released

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Thursday, 08 June 2017

Advanced Custom Fields v0.2 released

This release packs a lot of new custom fields mostly focused on multimedia. With fields like Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud and an enhanced version of the YouTube field, you can display any video with all the customization options that each of those services provide.

Vimeo Field

The new Vimeo Field offered by Advanced Custom Fields gives you the ability to embed videos with all of the options offered by Vimeo. Everything from the video dimensions, down to the UI Player Color!

Dailymotion Field

With the Dailymotion Field you have the ultimate flexibility provided by Advanced Custom Fields which contains all of the options that you can choose while embedding a Dailymotion video to your Joomla website!

SoundCloud Field

SoundCloud is a newcomer to the embedding player business and Advanced Custom Fields brings it straight into your Joomla website! Play your favorite tracks with your customized SoundCloud player fast and easy.

More Helpful Fields!

On top of that, the new True/False Field can serve you as a great toggle field for providing information which can be answered with just a Yes or a No.

Finally, the new timepicker field will let you to easily pick the time that you want to display with the flexibility of using all the PHP time constants.


  • Adds Vimeo Field
  • Adds DailyMotion Field
  • Adds SoundCloud Field
  • Adds True/False Field
  • Adds Timepicker Field
  • Updates the YouTube Field with extra customization options
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