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Google Structured Data Markup v2.0 released

Published in Blog by Sotiris Katsaniotis on Saturday, 10 December 2016

Google Structured Data Markup v2.0 released

We are very happy to announce that this major release signifies the start of an implementation cycle related to Google Structured Data accompanying particular data types such as Articles, Products, Events and much more yet to come in the upcoming releases.

This means that now you are able to add important data to even further individualise your search results such as Star Rating and Preview Images for your content!

The Article Rich Snippet

With the support of the article data type you are able to enhance your search results with important data such as a star rating, a publisher name and logo, your selected article photo and of course the author name!

The Product Rich Snippet

Promoting a product has progressed a significant step further because now you are able to emphasize on your product's reviews and ratings and a carefully selected product image. We are sure you already know the importance of a good review and rating is for a product's credibility!

The Event Rich Snippet

Event organizing has progressed a lot with the support of Google. Now you'll be able to show to everyone the specifics of your events, such as the start and end date, the location and even the performer(s) of your event!

A great addition to the FREE version

We have also decided to enrich the FREE version of Google Structured Data Markup with the ability to add a Sitelinks Searchbox snippet. As always, our goal is to show to everyone that this extension is essential to your websites' appearance on Google Search Results.


  • Adds support for the Article Structured Data (Pro Only)
  • Adds support for the Products Structured Data (Pro Only)
  • Adds support for the Events Structured Data (Pro Only)
  • Makes Sitelinks Searchbox snippet available for Free

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