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Upcoming Price Updates

Published in Blog by Tassos Marinos on Monday, 02 January 2023

Upcoming Price Updates

A lot has changed in Tassos.gr — and the world — since we launched. Over the years, we have been working hard to make our products more robust and feature-rich. We’ve released so many innovations and expanded our offerings, including flexible tools to help your site boost your conversion rates, robust features, app integrations, and much more. What some people may have once thought was “just another form builder" has now become the defacto contact form solution for thousands of Joomla sites.

To reflect all that added value and ensure that we can keep investing in innovation and provide the level of support and service that our customers have come to expect, we are announcing our first major site-wide price increase since we launched in 2014. In addition, we are increasing our early renewal discount from 30% to 40% to minimize the impact of the price increase on existing subscribers' wallets.

Both changes will go into effect on March 1, 2023.

Why We Decided to Change Prices

In the past few years, we have added many new features and functionality to our Joomla extensions, and we are committed to continuing this work to provide the highest quality products and services. However, this requires ongoing investment in development and improvement, which can be costly as everything seems to be getting more expensive.

While we have been able to keep our prices low for a long time, we have reached a point where we can no longer sustain these rates. To ensure that our products and services remain high-quality and to invest in their improvement and expansion, we need to adjust our pricing to reflect their value better. We understand that any price increase can be difficult, but we believe this is a necessary step to sustain and grow our business.

We hope that this explanation helps to clarify our reasoning and that you will continue to support us as we move forward. Please read on to learn more about the changes that we'll be making.

How Things Are Changing

The pricing changes we are announcing today will take effect in 2 months. On March 1, 2023, we will update our list pricing for the following commercial Joomla extensions.

Changes to Individual Extensions Pricing

For EngageBox, Convert Forms, and Google Structured Data:

  • The Personal Plan will increase from 29 EUR to 39 EUR and will now have a duration of 12 months.
  • The Professional Plan will increase from 39 EUR to 59 EUR.
  • The Agency Plan will increase from 59 EUR to 89 EUR.

For Advanced Custom Fields:

  • The Personal Plan will increase from 19 EUR to 29 EUR.
  • The Professional Plan will increase from 29 EUR to 39 EUR.
  • The Agency Plan will increase from 59 EUR to 69 EUR.

Changes to Bundle Plan Pricing

The price of our Bundle Plan will also increase from 129 EUR to 159 EUR to better reflect the new prices of each extension.

Changes to Εarly Renewal Discount

We understand that any price increase can be difficult, and we want to ensure we are fair to our existing subscribers, who have supported us for years. That's why we are increasing our early renewal discount from 30% to 40%. In this way, we hope to minimize the impact of the price increase on your wallet.

This means that if you renew on time your Bundle subscription, the increase will be only 5 EUR per year, while if you are a subscriber of the Convert Forms Professional plan, the increase will be only 8 EUR per year. In most places, this is less than 2 cups of coffee. Even this small change makes a big difference for us.

Summary of Changes

The following is a breakdown of the changes to each subscription plan price.

PlanCurrent PriceNew PriceCurrent Renewal Price 30%New Renewal Price 40%
Convert Forms, EngageBox, Google Structured Data
Personal 29.00€ 39.00€ 20.30€ 23.40€
Professional 39.00€ 59.00€ 27.30€ 35.40€
Agency 59.00€ 89.00€ 41.30€ 53.40€
Advanced Custom Fields
Personal 19.00€ 29.00€ 13.30€ 17.40€
Professional 29.00€ 39.00€ 20.30€ 23.40€
Agency 59.00€ 69.00€ 41.30€ 41.40€
Bundle 129.00€ 159.00€ 90.30€ 95.40€

Looking Forward

These changes will help us to continue to offer you the best Joomla products, whatever the size of your business, while ensuring that the level of service matches. Be sure that decisions like these are always well-considered, and, in most cases, it is just a necessary step for the company to evolve and develop even more cool products for you.

We want to thank you for being on this journey with us. As always, your feedback is important; please get in touch with us with any questions.

Thanks again for your support!

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